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I have to admit that I'm assuming your Irish tv is pretty much the same as British tv, which I don't know that it is.

You do get freeview over there, yeah? That's not meant as patronising as it probably sounds.

Not being able to record two channels is a bit of a bummer. Most PVRs will let you do that, while also being able to watch a recorded program. But it's still a nice piece of kit. Probably the main bit of non-gaming kit that's made me interested in a PS3. Also unsure about HD channels, like BBC HD, but I don't think they're broadcast over airwaves and think they've gone to that freesat thing. Not sure.

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Yeah we do get it alright.

the beeb channels and itv etc etc.





It's DVD-T, terrestrial numeric signal. So it work through antennas. Not with cable (DVB-C), not with satellites (DVB-S).

Watching these channels is free.

In France, it means access to 18 free numerical channels in SD and soon 5 channels in HD.
In UK, the freeview service will be accessible with the PlayTV.
There is no info yet about a US release.

They will know Helgan belongs to Helghasts

Not with cable (DVB-C)

Ok then I will not buy it. We only get government TV on DVB-T here.

Count my in if it makes it my way...