Boycott Abercrombie & Fitch! Racist ********

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i don't even like preppy clothing anyway but if you do, boycott this one especially!!


racist retards. especially against my religion and asians as a whole


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This reminds me of the Family Guy episode where Stewie and Brian are looking through the Aber& Fitch catalogue trying to find the racial diversity.

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You'd probably be more comfortable it it was all anti-american, huh?

soo...what again is wrong with this?

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I agree with Neos, what's wrong with it?

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I just want to know why mrduckbear only creates threads...and never posts. He seems to have a bunch of opinions and would rather let us turn his threads into flamefests.

My theory....look to the poster who continually posts in his threads in support of him to find his alt.

I remember these shirts from an old news story. They stopped selling those designs years ago.

Did the OP not know that? Or is he just trolling?

@alasted, I remember that.

Awesome, I'm going shopping.

I give this thread a 9.6.

Thank god for the disable signatures option.

About five years too late.