Do you know the lyrics to your country anthem?

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I honestly don't know all of it, just partial to it.

But i think it's hilarious to see athletes at the Olympics mouthing to their national anthem when anyone who mouths it, obviously don't know their own lyrics to their song lol. At least, not at the top of their head.

I'm pretty sure many people don't even know their own song or how it's sung

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Where are you from? I'm sure it's un-patriotic to not know the lyrics to one's anthem. Not to mention embarrassing if the that topic ever came up.

I know mine. I mean, "O Canada" isn't that hard to memorize.

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Yeah, i know mine. well not the whole thing cause is really (REALLY) long...but i know the esential. The version that its played most of the occasions

O' Canada who doesn't know it


yeah, I know it...

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I know the Mexican Anthem COMPLETELY, not the American one though.


Wow, i never learned the whole thing (mexican anthem). In my school we used to sing the classic short version....kind of the one that they play in the soccer games xD

Oh yeah, i dont know the american one....didnt want to learn it.

98% of the Belgians don't know the first 5 sentences of the Belgian lyrics and I belong to the 98%.

I can sing them from France though but that is because of a singer who made his own remix of it and it is quite good.

And oh yes. I know the lyrics of the Spain aswell :).

Oh, I thought you meant "Country" Anthem like country music... I was like, Hell Yeah, cause I'm a redneck woman, I ain't no high class broad and I know all the words to every Charlie Daniels song....

But we're talking National Anthems, so I would say that I know the whole first verse (which is the national anthem - the first verse of Francis Scott Key's poem) but not the whole "The Star Spangled Banner".

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

i have to say i don't the lyrics of the British anthem, but i was not born in UK.

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