Name things that you like about the PS3 over the Wii and 360.

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Blu Ray
The fact that i didn't lose money on mine when I sold it to someone with more patience than myself.

BAM! There it is!
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Cougarman said:
izaaz101 said:
The fact that you can charge the controller (rechargeable batteries are fine for the wiimote, but I'd rather have a controller that plugged in and charged directly).



same with me...

Bluray Movies and 1 disc games.
Wifi built in (compared to 360)
Batteries built into the controller.
Bluetooth not standard RF (compared to 360)
Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, and probably Little Big Planet.
No major record of hardware issues.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

I have the original 60gb sku so....

Backwards compatibility

Controllers (rechargeable battery, bluetooth, & comfort)

Built in Wi-fi

Free online play

The colour.
The power button.
The looks.
The feel of the PS button is better than that big X
That its quiet so I don't notice it and remember that I haven't played a game on it in months.


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Obliterator1700 said:
obieslut said:
blu ray






psn>>>>>>>anything else

other various media functionalities



double agreed.


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Cat Scratch Fever

Blu Ray
HD standard


Ability to play Ps1/Ps2 games
Little Big Planet
Rachet and Clank
Better version of Elder Scrolls Oblivion
Disgaea 3
White Knight Chronicles
Valkeryie of the Battlefield
Free Online
Blu Ray
Fat Princess
Super Stardust HD

MGS4 and the CELL

Pretty much things that people named - I'm just going to say random things that come to mind.

Blu Ray

PSN, built in WIFI

Metal Gear Solid 4

Dualshock 3

Backwards Compatiblity

Hardware Superiority over competition

Best First Party Exclusives IMO - Gran Turismo, God of War, Resistance, Uncharted.