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I have 2 which I bought separetely

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I got two, one right when they came out, and I got one for my birthday. I wanted one because my friend refused to play until he got rumble, so I had to get that so he'd play with me. Then, I got used to rumble and didn't want to go back to the SIXAXIS, so I decided to get another one for myself.

shit no! i have 2 sixaxis

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No. I want to get one, but I already have two controllers. Hopefully they have a controller + game combo.

Yes, bought one for MGS4 :)

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I got a DS3. It's pretty cool. I hear people complaining about the weight, but WTF? The damn thing feels great. If you got a SIXAXIS, good for you. Find a better reason than ".4 grams heavier? That's too heavy!"

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Yes I do. And I ended up buying one. I'm hoping to get a free one in a few months though...

i brought it for $40 on ebay

Have 2 Sixaxis, don't plan on getting any Dualshock3s.

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No, I don't care about the rumble that much. I have 2 Sixaxis.

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