how many Blu-ray movies do you have?

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Dogs Rule said:

I'm not counting each bloody disk from Planet Earth, but I'm including it in the list since I paid 89$ for it.

Off the top of my head: (Probably forgetting a couple)
2-Dog Day Afternoon;
3-The Departed;
4-Spiderman 3;
5-Talladega Nights;
7-Planet Earth Complete Series;
8-Full Metal Jacket;

Haha, I would.
Reason? They sell volumes seperately on DVD.
What if someone just bought volume 1, do we count that as a .25?
That's like counting the Spiderman trilogy as 1 movie because you happen to buy the boxset.

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I have 2 both Casino royale, got them both for free when i bought ps3 lol.


Zero. I'm waiting for Green-Ray.

I have 15 :

- Ice Age 1 & 2
- The Pirates of the Carribean trilogy
- Hellboy
- Ratatouille
- Cars
- Paprika
- Casino Royal
- Benjamin Gates 1 & 2
- Master & Commander
- Letters from Iwo Jima & Flags of our Fathers


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Approximately zero.

I have 6...5 of which were free. I rarely purchase movies. Of all the DVDs that I own, I've only purchased 5 or 6 myself. The rest (20 or 30) were gifts.

22 at the moment, i hope to have more by the end of the year

5- Semi-Pro, Superbad, Casino Royale, Ratatouille, Phantom of the Opera :S All bought used.

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you have 24 more than me ssj12.

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