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virtua fighter 4

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Virtua Fighter is a better fighting game series than both Tekken and DoA.

Tekken peaked as a series with Tekken 3 and the games since then have been a step down. DoA series well they all look the same.

VF series keeps getting better with every new instalment.


I only played DOA2 on ps2,it was ok but still wasn't as enjoyable as tekken was for me.

Tekken 4 might have been a step back for the series, but tekken 5 made up for that, and I think there's still room for tekken 6 to do even better.

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soooo TEKKEN!!!!

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As a bit of a Sony fanboy can I just say.... Tekken sucks!

Dead or Alive is by far the superior game. That said, Soul Calibur is the best fighter.


omg there's so much Tekken love here. I'll vote for Tekken as well :)

equally id say

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