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God's country, USA.

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cebrian said:
South America, and central america, and mexico (where i am from and actually in northamerica) all speak english as their second language, you know, one of the advantages (if not the only one) if living in a third world country is that you get bilingual. I bet anyone in the forums that there are more bilingual people in mexico, central and southamerica than there are in the United States (and im talking about people that are acctually from the USA and not people with other origins.

Im going to get flammed for my next comment, but the country with the highest levels of ignorance is the USA. And i'm not talking about levels of literacy, but about level of awareness of culture and other people/places and not just the me, me, me, thinking. What I find the most infuriating is the fact that most people up there supported the war on Iraq... speaking about ignorance.

Most South American countries do speak English as a second language, but normally their spoken English is lacking and their written English skils are a far cry from yours (yours being good).

But yeah, any South American posting here is by default bilingual - at the very least. Europe, however, really surprises me. There's quite a few Europeans in the small touristy island where I live and it's funny, but the English (UK) folks by and large can only speak English. Other European nationalities, on the other hand, are bilingual, trilingual, and it's not uncommon to find a couple of polyglots. Free border transit and a mosaic of languages compressed in such a small area will do that to people.

yeah I must admit europeans are great at languages because of the borderless free transit.

I got 637 points out of 677 possible points on my toefl (test of english as a foreign language) I guess thats a great grade, and I am actually studying japanese as a third language and am actually planning to study portuguese after that. I think you could say i am passionate about languages. My dream job would be to work as a voice actor, and translator. A translator for games wouldnt be that bad either. But I also want to teach. I´m studying a master degree in communication science, and I want to become a teacher at my university.

But that's just me. I have to admit that most people in Latin America don't have GREAT english skills, but at least they can comprehend more english than most americans will ever get to comprehend a different language. Besides, we have the advantage of having spanish as our native language, because it is a lot harder to learn than english, hehe.

Wow, cebrian, you think Spanish is hard?

When I went back to Ecuador, I knew how to count from 1-15 in Spanish, and the word "tonto". In three months they moved me from beginner Spanish to Advanced - not because I'm a linguistic genius, but because I found Spanish extremely easy to pick up given its very rigid grammatical and spelling structure.  Especially spelling! I personally found Spanish much easier to learn than English. Chinese (specifically the Beijing dialect) is the easiest in terms of grammar: no conjugations, no singular/plural, no tense, no gender. Korean is probably the easiest language to learn how to read. You can literally start reading Korean after one hour of guidance. You may not have a clue what you are reading, but you can!

Good luck with your Japanese, though - and its 37 different levels of "Usted"! 

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USA, in the State of Confusion

@your mother, spelling in spanish might be easir but most americans cant get it right. We also have a gender for every word and the articles use gender and number. It is actually quite funny to someone whose first language is not english trying to get those right.
El, la, los, las, = the. and so on... Most people complain about that in spanish. I can read japanese but I dont know what I'm reading... (only when not using kanji though...)


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I assure you, unless you have traveled, you're going to be ignorant of another culture. For whatever reason, American culture has become the most sought after so is most prominent.

Also, China has more English speakers than North America. Learry. India may be approaching it too. When you've got a billion people, you earn more than a few "Most in a country" records.

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you know, I have not traveled that much, I go to the United states thrice a year, but only to the border and to shop... And I know my fair share of culture, from joan of arc, to the egyptians, from william wallace to the chinese culture. And thats from a not traveling guy that reads a lot.