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I'll be on record to say that RE4 appeals to me due to the game-nature, mini games, puzzles, story.

I also like GTA4, if you take out the excessive racial stereotyping and gang-related bloatedness, and ditch the ghetto... I certainly like free roaming, but really, I play games to get away from life, not create a new one to hide in my bedroom with.

I loved Halo 1. Didn't care about the graphics. Sure, they were a plus. I also loved GoldenEye. Same story. Halo 2 was pretty good because of the increased school network playing... Halo 3? Same old game. Whoopie. Why do I want to pay $60 for a game I already have on Halo 2, let alone 1? I don't know...

I loved Mario Kart. I liked it better than N64. Better than DD. I liked DS and Wii even better. Why? Online. Not because the tracks were more cool, not because the graphics are so much fancier, but online play. I can play my old room mate in England. I can't do that with SNES. Don't care about the graphics. I'd just as soon play SNES instead of N64 mario karts.

I love Sim City 4. I played SNES SimCity, and still pick it up off of nostalgia once in a while. I'll play SNES City over SimCity 3000 any day... because I'd rather play SC4. Why? The regions allow some serious gameplay grand-ness. Not because of the graphics, but the options. Where SC3k lacks and SC4 picks up, SNES Sim City is more-game-like and is fun to sit down and beat a few levels on... it's more artful and enjoyable.

I've been playing Supreme Commander for a few days now, and to be honest, I'm not impressed. I could just play Total Annihilation instead, which I'm very familiar with. There's not much new. Shield generators, sure, but really? It's the same game... I'm not even thrilled to play it anymore. Hence, I am here typing now. Graphics didn't do it for me. I've played almost the SAME game before, and ten years earlier.

I don't need Halo 3. I don't need Square's latest cookie-cut-RPG. I -do- need intriguing, new games and gameplay, and NOT graphics... the MLB Power Pros that I'm addicted to. The infinite SimCity4 in building a 12 million population region. The X-Men Legends 1 and 2 where a hack-slash RPG turns into a party machine. I need the Wii Bowling, to play with relatives and drink until I can't find anything but the gutter.

Numbers: Checker Players > Halo Players

Checkers Age and replayability > Halo Age and replayability

Therefore, Checkers > Halo

So, Checkers is a better game than Halo.

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One of the key weaknesses of the PS2, as opined by many, is its graphical capabilities. I believe this may be true. Setting aside the issue of gameplay vs. graphics I believe that if the PS2 is graphically underpowered this is having an effect on the sale of games for the system. Why? Because I believe it's easier to sell a game with new graphics than it is to make a unique game offering created by talented people.

The graphic capabilities of the PS2i have probably not been fully tapped but they are most likely fairly close to being fully realized. On an even more important note the graphics that the mainstream game buying public is demanding seem to have been satisfied on many fronts. Without the lure of new graphics, or indeed, even the need to produce them, the developer is faced with the dilemma of having to rely on the creation of engaging gameplay and talented execution.

For these reasons I believe the PS2 presents a challenge to developers that only the first and foremost of developers will be able to tackle successfully in a way that is popularly and critically pleasing.


Man that was more fun and satisfying than I would have thought. Yeah I'm late to posting.

Squilliam: On Vgcharts its a commonly accepted practice to twist the bounds of plausibility in order to support your argument or agenda so I think its pretty cool that this gives me the precedent to say whatever I damn well please.

Nicely put, .jayderyu. Man, nail on the head, thread should be dead. lol.

Numbers: Checker Players > Halo Players

Checkers Age and replayability > Halo Age and replayability

Therefore, Checkers > Halo

So, Checkers is a better game than Halo.

HappySqurriel said:
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horriblebastard said:

I personally believe that Nintendo had lots of reasons to not go forward with HD on the Wii

I think they didn't add HD because last generation they didn't do so well, so they needed to make a console that could be sold at a reasonable price and still make a profit, and because they were taking a risk with a new approach to controllers which may well have failed.

Nintendo didn't add HD and more processing power because they believed that customers aren't interested in cutting edge technology. The sales of the Wii prove them right.

I think there is a unstated qualifier that is missing from that statement though ... "Consumers aren't interested in cutting edge technology at the price"

Realistically, if you gave a consumer the option to play two identical games one that is on the Wii and the other that takes full advantage of bleeding edge PC and (odds are) that they would favour the PC game; at the same time, you offer them the option to pay $10 more for a game, $200 more for a system, and tell them that the games will be shorter and released less often and they would probably think twice about the high-end graphics.


I don't agree, many people don't own an HD TV, don't know what all this HD talk is all about, and can't tell the difference.

People, in general, are (a) pretty stupid, (b) not very perceptive, and ( c) don't care.

They buy a Wii because they can handle it.  Yeah, there's someone in the family (teen, gamer, etc) that pushes to have a console in the house but the Wii is an easy sale.

Al Roker likes it, all their favorite TV and movie personalities like it, their kid/husband wants a game console.

Besides the Xbox 360 isn't significantly higher priced, in Europe it's cheaper.

Wii sells to the masses for the same reason PS2, PS1, and NES did, because it was the system to own.  People used Playstation and Nintendo interchangably with video games... so when the next person went to the store to buy one, they said "Let me get one of'em PStoos."  Just change it with Wii for the current gen.

Nintendo got it with the Marketing.  They put a Wii in every celebrities hand and got them on tape.

Sony did it 13 years ago with CG saying look at our games.... ooh... you can have games that look like this.  Now games look better than that CG, but the luster has worn off for the public.

More people own HDTV's today then 5 years ago, but I bet not that many more %-wise have them hooked up to anything that evan output HD.  Because people are stupid.


In technical terms, yes, it is a weakness.

But Nintendo has used it's strengths to beat the competition.  While Sony and Microsoft were building up all of their weaknesses and not focusing on what people buy a console for.

(They buy it to get their kids to shut up)

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

I thought this was a joke thread? Wasn't it dead from the start?

Good post though.

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dib8rman said:
I thought this was a joke thread? Wasn't it dead from the start?

Good post though.

I thought the last sentence on the first paragraph was a good indication of that! =P


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Onimusha12 said:
I think the DS' key weakness is graphics too. ;)


No wonder the DS is losing to the PSP!

...oh wait...

Seriously, even the DS took over 2 years to get really good third party support (third parties are connected to this thread...right? :P). The Wii hasn't been out 2 years yet and devs thought the Wii would flop.

These fanboy excuses are really lame (not to mention cOLD).

I'm tired of these baseless arguments...FKSUMOT!!! you bishie! (lol j/k)

it was a joke thread...but some fanboys actually thought it would be a debate..

I can argue that SMG looks ten times better than Killzone 2


because the art direction is so much better...everything fits.. Killzone two could have been done with the ashes of my aunt's cigar....it's way too gray

I don't care about that...sorry

and please..stop pointing at LoZ:TP

it is...and always will be a Gamecube port...and it looks that good!!....end og GC life people..!!

aren't you excited for end of Wii life?....what will they bring now?

@deathcape... I only see one person taking it too seriously.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

ookaze said:
The failure of FF Spirit Within should have been a warning to graphic whores that not having high graphics capabilities is not sth that can lower the value of entertainment.
But a minimal picture culture is necessary to understand that.
I see that 1.5 years after Wii launch, some people are still in denial.


You make sense... Just like Spirits within being a game......