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"After overcoming its blue laser problems, the Japanese giant is confident that its newest console will match the 115 million units sold by the Playstation 2.

This year's increases in GaN-based blue semiconductor laser manufacturing capacity are making Sony confident of meeting its Playstation 3 sales targets, with the company expecting to ship 11 million consoles in the twelve months to April 2008.

Sony now makes 1.7 million blue lasers per month (see related stories), sufficient production for its console commitments, and plenty of Blu-ray players besides.

“Production problems have now ceased, we're in full production as far as Playstation 3 is concerned and there's a steady chain of supply in North America, Japan and Europe,” said a spokesperson for the Computer Entertainment division of the Japanese corporation.

In its annual report, Sony said it sold 5.5 million Playstation 3 units in the fiscal year ended March 31 2007, despite having faced production yield problems for its blue semiconductor lasers that feature inside each machine.

Sony is convinced that the Playstation 3 will eventually match the wild success of the PS2, discounting competition from other console makers as a factor.

“We're aiming towards a much broader lifestyle for home entertainment enthusiasts, that's one of the reasons the Playstation 2 went on to sell over 115 million units worldwide,” said a spokesperson.

In its annual report Sony says it expects to establish the same successful business model with the PS3 that it achieved with the PS2.

“Ultimately it will come down to content,” explained the company’s spokesman.

“What it offers for its price is exceptional value for money – a quarter of the cost of a PC of similar capability and about the same as a commercial Blu-ray player.”


 Source: http://compoundsemiconductor.net/articles/news/11/6/30/1

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Lock this thread now.

FishyJoe said:
Lock this thread now.
Mods, please follow what he said, this exact topic have been brought up (and debunked) at least 3 times before already


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How many times does this thread need to be started ...


There should be big red letters on the main page that states "Manufacture Sold numbers are actually Sold to retailers ... This site tracks the number of consoles sold to consumers" 

Corredtion Sony SHIPPED to 5.5 million PS3s to Retailers who brought them so they are sold to Sony but not sold through to the consumer. It has sold anywhere from 3.5-4 million right about now.


Also this has been discussed ad nauseum.

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Agreed...nothing personal, but it's shipped, not sold.

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