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First off, let me just say that Eden is my favorite downloaded game so far.  It is so addictive.

Now, on to the topic...The trophies for this game are flawed.  Let me explain why:

1. There are no gold trophies available.  They are all bronze except for one (which is silver).

2. Some of the bronze trohpies are WAY too difficult for bronze level.  Like the trophy for opening all seeds on a level without missing a single piece of pollen.  COME ON!  That should be gold all the way, or silver at least.  Anyone who's played the game will know what I'm talking about.  Another difficult one is destroying 15 mongers in a single "jump."  There's hardly ever a situation when there are that many enemies on screen at once.  That should be a silver trophy for sure.

3. One of the bronze trophies involves playing in THREE player mode.  WTF!?  I don't even have ONE other person to play with, let alone two.  Also, I only own TWO controllers.  So, to get a platinum trophy I would need to buy another controller and then pay two homeless guys to help me out?  That's too much money for a trophy.

So, all-in-all, what this boils down to is:  Because of the three-player trophy, I know I will never get the platinum trophy and because all of the other available trophies are only bronze, it's not even worth trying to get them.  I will not spend five or more hours grinding away at a BRONZE trophy.

I sure hope other developers put more thought into THEIR trophies for future games.

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small download titles don't have platinums.

I noticed that too. A lot of the trophies seem way too hard for what they are. I'll spend over an hour trying to get every piece of pollen in a garden only to miss a few trying to open the last seed and have to start over. And for what? A lousy bronze trophy.

Some of them don't make sense either. You get a bronze for a 10 prowler combo and a bronze for a 15 prowler combo. Shouldn't the 15 combo be a silver?

Oh well, I can't be too upset since most games don't even have trophies.

Can't you ask a friend to come over and bring a controller along with him?
How about a family member?
I don't think you HAVE to buy another controller, but luring homeless people with a sandwich could be fun...

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^^I tried to get that trophy by myself with two controllers and a Rock Band guitar. It didn't work.

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PSN titles don't have Platinum Trophies.

That said, I agree Eden's trophies are way too difficult.
However, each PSN title has to have the same amount of "value", so Eden and SSHD (Minus the expansions) both have the same amount of behind-the-scenes value to their trophies, despite the fact that one has more Gold/Silver.

they are downloads. they arent going to give you the same trophies as a retail game, because they are smaller games. just like how the 360 only gives 200 achievement points.

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Phendrana said:
^^I tried to get that trophy by myself with two controllers and a Rock Band guitar. It didn't work.

O_O... And I thought I was hardcore for trying to get the "Brothers in arms" gold trophy by myself in Super Stardust HD...


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Haven't yet tried Eden, but it looks pretty sweet. I dig the artistic direction, and I've been hearing good things. I plan on trying it out after I get PixelJunk Monsters... I'm a sucker for a good tower defense game.

From what I hear, Eden is also pretty challenging. Yet look at all those bronze trophies. And no gold ones to be found. This is what some of us achievement hounds were trying to tell PS3-only owners about the trophy system- in no way is it going to do away with Avatar syndrome. Some crummy movie tie-in can feature all gold trophies if their developer chooses, while something much, much harder might not have a single one.

I have about 50% of Eden's trophies.

Yeah, I see where you are coming from. As someone said, it doesn't make sense to have the 10 and 15 combos both bronze really.

And only one silver? What in the name of the maker do you need to do to get a gold???

I think the issue is when you contrast this game so something like Uncharted, where you can easily rack up a wad of trophies in a short space of time, where Eden's are all pretty much very tough, and take time. In fact, I think the only Eden trophy I have spammed is the one where you need to kill 500 prowlers - you just get that one after putting time into the game. Most others you really need to focus on...

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