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I believe this thread hasn't been made before. This system isn't eminent, but I want to see who actually owns one...


I don't have one, but want one...

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Have one... and if you don't... they go fairly cheap on ebay... sega saturns.... those are another story..

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I own one, and boy do I remember Soul Calibur...



Had one for a few weeks--until it got stolen

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I have one. It was my favorite console last generation.

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I've got one. I bought one when they came out, then sold it later on. About a year ago I was talking about it on another forum and an online mate of mine mentioned that he had one I could have for free if I paid the postage, so now I have another one. Great system IMO, although I don't use it much anymore.

Own one.. and I still play MvsC 2 and Street Fighter 3 Third Strike on it regular..


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i had a sega saturn and it was one of the best systems ive ever played. never got around to the dreamcast for the playstation had bug free games/accessories :p

Of course I have dreamcast


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Yes, I have one, with some of the best Shoot 'Em Up games: Ikaruga, Giga Wing 2 and Mars Matrix. Also, Sonic Adventure marked my childhood forever. It was THE game!

By the way, Power Stone was probably the best free-roaming fighting game before Super Smash Brothers Melee.

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