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nintendium? gamecube? not mines!! but i had it since launch and i begun getting disc read errors about 4 months before the wii launched which then helped in my decision to get a wii at launch..... now the n64 was the real rock still works brand new(also was i the only one who thought it looked like the bat mobile)

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My launch day cube is still going strong.


I have all 3 6th gen consoles in my household.

xBox sometimes throws a fit, but its been strong.
Usage is rare.

GameCube goes great, don't think I've ever had a problem,
Usage is common/abused. D:

PS2... it won't read DVD's anymore and half the time it won't read the games.
Usage is uncommon

Lets put it this way, I know 9 people, online and off who's PS2 broke on them,, 2 for xBox, and non for GameCube. :/


I own all of lastgen systems as of October 2008. (Finally got a Dreamcast)

I own every currentgen system except PS3.

Over 10,000 hours of Super Smash Bros Melee, and many many more hours of other games, plus several falls, including one from the stairs.

So... yeah, very.

^ What?
So you are over 9000.
That is crazy. ;)

Tempus fugit Nintendo manet.


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The cover wouldn't stay down the last year having it, so I kept it shut with a heavy book.
Other then that, flawless.

my 1st gamecube died on me cuz if disk read errors, got it in 2001, it died in summer of 2006, I bought the Mario Sunshine bundle soon after and havent looked back. I love the Gamecube.

My NES, SNES, Pikachu N64 and launch GameCube are all still running just like new. I've never had ANY problem with my GCN and it was thoughly abused throughout its life..

My Wii has frozen and made that high pitched noise 3 or 4 times and i had to reset it.. All while playing CoD 3 which i ended up trading in for Metroid Prime 3 :P


Wah, don't get those who had their PS2's break. I have mine for 5.5 years, I dropped it twice, no DRE's, no freezes (1 time in the whole lifetime), still working as new... hehe. Hope for the same with my GC.

I've had mine for 5 years and not had a single problem