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I have the NGC since its launch (05/03/2002 in France) and I have played with at about 800 hours without problem...

Oh no, I forget, the console bugged ONCE during a "loading", those due to a cleanless DVD!


For a year, my Wii bugged very more time and for a month my X360 even more!

So, NGC is reliable! Without doubts...

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ZenfoldorVGI said:

Gamecube is the most reliable system of last gen for several reasons, unless you count the slim PS2.

A. Sturdy and well designed hardware.

B. The lense is clearly visible and easily cleanable by the consumer at home.

C. Very cool running console, comparitively.

Enjoy. :D

Hehe, that's the episode I mentioned :)


I own three GameCubes{because for the different colours}and they are all still working. And unlike PlayStation 1-3,Saturn,Dreamcast,Wii,Xbox & 360 i never ever had to do a reset on my GameCube because of a frozen game.

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Never even had mine crash once.

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I agree that the GC was by far the most reliable console in the 6th gen... well bult, shock ressistant gaming machine ;)

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I have three GameCubes. All work fine. One of them got rained on. (I left the window open) And when I got back home I tiped it over and water came pouring out of it. It still works.

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I own three gamecubes in different colors also. The only thing you want to watch for is disc read error, the lens can be very sensitive sometimes.

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I had mine for 4+ years and it works like new.

Edit: Get Tales of Symphonia.

shakarak said:
I own three gamecubes in different colors also. The only thing you want to watch for is disc read error, the lens can be very sensitive sometimes.

There is a way to fix this problem, but it requires a voltmeter and disassembling your console...

Anyways, the original gamecube that my family bought around launch still works, so I guess they're fairly reliable.  Not their most reliable system, but still much better than average.