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I think PS3 is not going to bounce back now with the coming XBOX price cut... Sony's arrogance and bad PR has costed them this generation... saying 2009, 2010, 2011..... is going to be PS3 domination years are just like living in fool's paradise...

XBOX has more games, better online experience, more exclusives.. just look at this exclusive list for 2008... Sony is no match... and then now Sony has much much higher price... so i think sony is not going to pass even 50 million this generation... anyway repeating their mistakes is of no use... but i believe now Sony fans should accept the fact that they r going to be last this generation... and maybe they made a bad choice nothing wrong with it if they feel justified and happy with their purchase..


Sony PlayStation 3 Exclusives

Game Publisher Release Date
MLB 08: The Show SCEA 4-Mar-08
Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds SCEA 18-Mar-08
Gran Turismo 5 Prologue SCEA 15-Apr-08
Haze Ubisoft 20-May-08
SingStar SCEA 20-May-08
Metal Gear Solid 4:
Guns of the Patriots
Konami 12-Jun-08
Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice Atlus 18-Aug-08
Buzz! Quiz TV SCEA 23-Sep-08
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift SCEA 7-Oct-08
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Namco Bandai 14-Oct-08
SCEA 14-Oct-08
SingStar Vol. 2 SCEA 21-Oct-08
Resistance 2 SCEA 4-Nov-08
Valkyria Chronicles Sega TBD Nov-08
LittleBigPlanet SCEA TBD Oct-08

PlayStation Network Exclusives

Game Publisher Release Date
PixelJunk Monsters SCEA 24-Jan-08
Go! Sports Skydiving SCEA 7-Feb-08
echochrome SCEA 1-Mar-08
Novastrike Tiki Games Inc 5-Jun-08
Elefunk SCEE 17-Jul-08
Siren: Blood Curse SCEA 24-Jul-08
PixelJunk Eden SCEA 31-Jul-08
Linger In-Shadow SCEE Q3 2008
Wipeout HD SCEA Q3 2008
Ratchet & Clank: Quest for Booty SCEA Q4 2008
*The Last Guy SCEA TBA 2008
Crash Commando SCEA TBA 2008
Dark Mist SCEA TBA 2008
Ember SCEA TBA 2008
Fat Princess SCEA TBA 2008
Flower SCEA TBA 2008
Jeopardy (2008) SCEA TBA 2008
Ragdoll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic SCEA TBA 2008
Sky Blue SCEA TBA 2008
Wheel of Fortune (2008)


Microsoft Xbox 360 Retail Disc Exclusives

Game Publisher Release Date

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Microsoft Games Studios 8-Jan-08
Culdcept SAGA Namco Bandai 5-Feb-08
Lost Odyssey Microsoft Games Studios 12-Feb-08
Ninja Gaiden II Microsoft Games Studios 3-Jun-08
Operation Darkness Atlus 24-Jun-08
Too Human Microsoft Games Studios 19-Jul-08
Spectral Force 3 Atlus 29-Jul-08
Tales of Vesperia Namco Bandai 26-Aug-08
Infinite Undiscovery Square Enix 1-Sep-08
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Microsoft Games Studios 2-Sep-08
Zoids Assault Atlus 9-Sep-08
Guilty Gear 2: Overture Aksys Games 30-Sep-08
Mobile Ops: The One Year War Namco Bandai 1-Oct-08
Fable II Microsoft Games Studios 21-Oct-08
Gears of War 2 Microsoft Games Studios 7-Nov-08
Indianapolis 500 Evolution Destineer 18-Nov-08
The Last Remnant * Square Enix 20-Nov-08
Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Microsoft Games Studios 25-Nov-08
RACE Pro Atari TBA 2008
You’re in the Movies Codemasters TBA 2008
Onechanbara: vorteX D3 Publisher TBA 2008
Spectrial Diario Idea Factory TBA 2008
Dance Dance Revolution Universe 3 Konami TBA 2008
Lips Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Scene it? Box Office Smash Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Naruto: The Broken Bond Ubisoft TBA 2008

* - Timed Exclusive

Xbox Live! Arcade Exclusives

Game Publisher Release Date

Tron Disney Interactive 9-Jan-08
Omega Five Hudson Soft 9-Jan-08
Rez HD Q Entertainment 30-Jan-08
Chessmaster LIVE Ubisoft 30-Jan-08
Poker Smash Void Star Creations 6-Feb-08
Discs of Tron Disney Interactive 13-Feb-08
Undertow: Path of the Elect Chair Entertainment 5-Mar-08
TiQal Microsoft Games Studios 26-Mar-08
Mr. Driller Online Namco Bandai 2-Apr-08
BattleZone Atari 16-Apr-08
Rocky and Bullwinkle Microsoft Games Studios 16-Apr-08
Lost Cities Sierra Online 23-Apr-08
Wits & Wagers Microsoft Games Studios 7-May-08
Assault Heroes 2 Sierra Online 14-May-08
Sea Life Safari Sierra Online 18-May-08
Warlords Atari 28-May-08
Ticket to Ride Playful Entertainment Inc 25-Jun-08
SoulCalibur Namco Bandai 2-Jul-08
Golf: Tee it Up Activision 9-Jul-08
Schizoid Torpex Games 9-Jul-08
Coffeetime Crosswords Konami 16-Jul-08
Go! Go! Break Steady Microsoft Games Studios 23-Jul-08
Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Activision 30-Jul-08
Fable II Pub Games Microsoft Games Studios 13-Aug-08
Galactic Commando - Excalibur 3000AD Q3 2008
Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball Gamecock Media Group Q3 2008
Defense Grid: The Awakening Microsoft Games Studios Q3 2008
Braid Number None Inc Q3 2008
Castle Crashers The Behemoth Q3 2008
Zombie Wranglers Vivendi Games Q3 2008
1 vs. 100 Live Endemol Q4 2008
Vigilante 8: Arcade Activision TBA 2008
DogTag Digital Jesters TBA 2008
Banjo-Kazooie: Stop ‘N’ Swop Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Mutant Storm 2 Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Uno Rush Microsoft Games Studios TBA 2008
Galaga Legions Namco Bandai TBA 2008
Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade Namco Bandai TBA 2008
A Kingdom for Keflings NinjaBee TBA 2008
Axiom Overdrive Reflexive Entertainment TBA 2008
Gin Rummy Sierra Online TBA 2008
The Maw Twisted Pixel TBA 2008
Portal: Still Alive Valve TBA 2008

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all but gone means it isn't gone, so the thread title is kind of wrong.

Right thats it, im off to cut myself after this devastating revelation

I hope my 360 doesn't RRoD
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Here's anothother Xbox 360 exclusive:

Of course, because Sony will never react at all

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Eh, these "revelations" are a dime a dozen.

Move along folks.

after this information i think i am going to hang my coat and admit that sony are going to be in last and that microsoft are the bet in the word

Whatever, you need to get a ban and this thread needs to be locked, if i made a thread like this about ninty it will get locked and get me a ban so mods please do it and put this fool out of his misery

Microsoft paid him to...

To those people that are saying Sony is doing nothing. What is Sony supposed to do again?

In actuality this holiday season will be make or break for Sony. The 360 has a price drop and good exclusives like Gears2 and Fable 2 getting released. This is going to get interesting but in no way is Sony done.

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If the 360 does get the price cut, the momentum for the time being will most definitely be on the 360's side but just like the ps3 made its comeback last year and into this year the momentum can and most likely will change several times throughout the generation. The 360 and ps3 will end up essentially tied at the end of the gen. Though I still think the ps3 will eventually sell slight more, but it wont translate into anything relevant in terms of 3rd party support and the 360 will most assuredly retain its lead in na.