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steven787 said:

"In this photo released by Nintendo, actor and racing enthusiast Jason Priestley, left, challenges fellow actor Chace Crawford, of Gossip Girl, to a race using the Wii Wheel, Saturday, April 26, 2008, at Nintendo World store in New York, at the Mario Kart Wii launch event."


I don't know what a "Gossip Girl" is, but I guess he must be cool if JP is playing with him.


a warner show, he is gay thought... and prettier than the average girl too (Not my opinion they said in the show)

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Elisha Cuthbert playing Donkey Konga?!?! Now that's a real find.

This makes me wish I had my old Nintendo Power mags when they would do features on celebs and their love of Nintendo games. As best as I can recall, they had Willie Aames, Fred Savage, and maybe even Jay Leno? I'd love to see some old scans of those if anyone has em.

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brawl4life said:

Danity Kane's Aundrea Fimbres and Shannon Bex playing Rayman’s Raving Rabbids TV Party backstage Teen Choice Awards





Oh Aundrea



MontanaHatchet said:
Why not the other consoles?


Because then we'd have a bunch of Wii + A-list celeb pictures, and like 5 pictures of angsty teens and drummers for unknown bands, none of which would be famous.

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I don't need your console war.


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@ RAcCoOnErOuS:

LOL, who are they? o_o

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Gearbox said:
This is a pointless thread.. Who cares who uses what? There are millions of pics of famous people using the ps2, ps1, xbox, xbox 360 etc etc.

It is not a pointless thread I fore on think its fun watching the celebrities having fun and making faces.

Why don’t you do your own thread and post some of the celebrities playing PS2 and the other machines.    


    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

AngryAztec said:

miami305: how can i post videos in here?


Answer: Click this option to post a video:

A dialogue box pops up. Where it says "File/URL" paste the URL of the video. In my case, I copy and pasted the link to a flash video at Youtube with Hayden Panettiere playing on the Wii:


Hope that helps... :)






Easier method..


On every page that has a video there is 'embed' code. Copy that 1st.

Then click the 'Rich Text Editor' on these forums.

Paste that code into the text area and hit 'Post'.

At first it will just be the code, that's ok, we're not done.

Then click 'Edit' on your post. It will go back to the editor however, now the yellow flash box will show.

Just click post, you can add text first if you wish or another image/pic.

Now it shows correctly in your post. :)


What, no girls doing naughty stuff with the WiiMote?!?

A lot of good stuff in this thread, but IMO nothing beats the Mr T WoW ad.

That Boston Legal clip was just great.