What is the most amount of hour's you put into a video game?

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For me it's Final Fantasy VII the clock stopped at 99 hours and 59 mins long b4 I finished playing, so roughly around 125 hours.

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Oblivion. My savegame says 153 hours (with Knights of Nine add on) and I still have to do the Shivering Islands...

Pokemon Gold, probably sent 250-300 hours on my first game.

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epinefridis said:
Oblivion. My savegame says 153 hours (with Knights of Nine add on) and I still have to do the Shivering Islands...


 ....wait a minute I put alot of hours into that game to I better go check the hours

Edit: nope 93 hours, I didn't finish it yet though

Final Fantasy X first play through is 104 hours
Final Fantasy X second play through is 40 hours
Final Fantasy X third play through is 32 hours
Final Fantasy X fourth play through is 30 hours

That is a total of 206 hours on Final Fantasy X alone, half of that being on one save which is my main save where i have around 85 - 90% completion by my estimation but does anyone else have the trouble of where you finish the game and get the end screen and can't get off it?

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probably Melee, a few hundred of hours forgot how much, but it's my most played game...

over 2000 hours in CSS...

yeah i have a problem, but havent been playing that much lately =D


Edit- My bad its 1744 hours....

Probably over a thousand hours into WoW before I stopped playing. Most people in my guild had well over double that as well. Madness.

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2100 hours on Counter Strike 1.6

I used to play in the CAL, alot of time spent practicing and hanging with my clan.

Behind that I would say X-COM takes the second spot, I played it for 2 days straight, went to school and then played it the entire night and stayed home and played it all day and then all that night. I would say since I am still playing that game on and off today some 14 or so years after it was made that I have many, many hours under my belt on it.


edit: I forgot about WoW till I read the post above mine, I had about 190 hours in on that too.

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oh my god you guys have 1,000+ hours in a video game!?!?

thats just unbelievable, I just got 100 hours in Warhawk and I thought that was alot. =D

On topic: id have to say Goldeneye 64 me and my bro played the shit outta that game.


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