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lolita said:
3- I'm very shy around people

me too.... im scared!


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1)I never play my 360
2)I still need to beat assasin's creed
3)I still need to beat call of duty 4

1. I'm autistic.

2. I'm scared to socialise.

3. Ive been bullied.

Well one day as they were throwing paper balls at me, i stabbed one of the fat bullys in the eye with a pencil and used his body to manuever through the others as i pelted rocks at them one by one, soon after i threw each and every one of their bodies off a building, and put their heads on staffs, to show the world.

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1.- I can do great things, solve problems easy, understand concepts, but I lack of the purpose to made any of those...
2.- I´m very anti-social, I suffer from social anxiety and some kind claustrofiabia, I need to see movement
3.- I get bored very quickly, so is hard to inish any project...

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Obliterator1700 said:

1)I dont like eggs.

who doesnt like eggs!!


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hmmmm.....things that no one knows....

i think im better than everyone
i enjoy cooking
i have killed someone

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1. I am anti-social, while it seems like every f***ing person in my school can't go 1 second without talking to about 15 friends.

2. I have never had an IQ test.

3. I am considered the weird person in school. On the last day of school, I decided the hit the shit out of this one bitch who was mean to me.

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1. I don't like McCoys crisp.
2. I have a fetish for Pedal Pumping.
3. I secretly take pictures of women in high heeled pumps.


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1. My name is Redd

2. I have lived in London and Preston

3. I have been to Morocco and just for the record their KFC is better than our KFC!!

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1) I have a dog named Eddie.

2) I'm not a social person... at all.

3) I want to be a singer :o