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Grr, this is annoying me....So this is what happens: I load Firefox and the home page is fine...then I go to Vgchartz and again, it's homepage is fine....But after going to a thread or whatever, the page zooms out by itself and I can't go back...So after opening another tab, and going to Newegg for something, that page zooms in!!!! This is annoying me....I'll post pics if you guys wanna see....Anyone know the problem?


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I never had that problem on this forum :s;..

^ Yeah, me neither.....It's not only Vgchartz though, other sites also are doing this....Here, I'll post pics..


Grr, I can't upload the pics...well,  here are the links:


Newegg: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e270/blubberbash/newegg.jpg


Vgchartz: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e270/blubberbash/vgchartz.jpg


If I was you I would reinstall Firefox.

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Reinstall Firefox. You already tried that?

The hell? It says 4 replies on this thread but I can only see mine!!! This is annoying me...If you can help me in any way, can you tell me via PM??? I can't see any posts in this thread....('cept my own :()



I'll try that now...


OK i reinstalled it and it STILL is doing the same thing......


The other two accounts in this thread were my alt accounts (montana permbanned them blame him).

And damned that it still is the same problem....

Pff if I was you I would use Oprah then...Damned must suck for you...