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Nintendo should bring back the NES system, Don't get me wrong I love the wii, and I know that you can purchase NES games from the Wii Virtual Console. But I really think that they should bring a NES system package for this generation of kids, so the parents will buy the package for their kids so they will get the chance to play arguably "the greatest console ever made" there was a spark and simplicity about the NES games that makes it stand out from gaming today. I believe its a crime if these kids dont grow up with the NES system, I was lucky enough to grow up in the NES days, best gaming days of my life!

They should make this package available at retailers, package is:

  • NES console
  • 2 - controllers
  • Megaman2, Megaman 3
  • Super Mario Bros, Super mario Bros 2 and Super mario Bros 3
  • Turtles Arcade
  • Zelda
  • Castlevania
  • Adventure Island 2
  • Double Dragon

They should retail this package for $99!, it will sell out inmediately!

What do you guys think??

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Why? They would rather you just spend money on the VC.

Not a good idea right now, Nintendo is selling every Wii it manufactures. So using up factories to build NES would be crazy + VC says hi :D

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I want another N64 instead, mine broke last year


its not the same spending money on the vc!

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No sale for me.

No Bubble Bobble.



Agreed, how I miss the days of getting frustrated blowing into my cartridges or taking a cotton swab + alcohol to my carts in order to make them work. :)

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ummm....good idea but i will not be interested....i run nes games on my PSP instead of the console itself

Fine, think of it this way:
You have Super Mario Bros 3 on the VC and the new NES. You really can't justify the cartridge costing more and they can't really raise the price on VC games.

If you buy the cartridge, the money spent for the packaging, shipping, cartridge, and every other piece of overhead gets thrown down the drain. The money you spend when you buy the VC games is all profit.

So it's never going to happen. Making games isn't about being fun, it's about making money.

Why would nintendo do this, when a) they would have to refit factories to build the hardware, peripherials AND cartridges all over again, seeing as how they certainly don't have any stock just laying around, b) they are selling these games with virtually no overhead at all on the virtual console (where they don't have to physically produce the cartridges), c) doing this would involve a ton of lost profit potential (due to the factory downtime on their current hugely successful console) in addition to the expenditure of lots of cash on all this stuff?

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