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Who do you think will get the honors?

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probably haze, i know there are loads of worse games got released but no one was expecting anything from those games

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R6V2 For me, utter letdown.

Biggest letdown or actual worst game. Haha I think someone said it best that the worst game voted is going to be the one that disappointed the most instead of the actual worst game.

Operation Darkness?

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Still R6V2 was the worst game for me. Absoloutely loved the first but hated the second. Ninja Gaiden 2 was also awful (IMO Of course).

Ninja Breadman was the worst game of 08

Alone in the Dark, Haze.

those 2 had so much hype.

Riachu said:
Ninja Breadman was the worst game of 08



Pixel Art can be fun.

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Anyone that has played that game know it's no contest.