American Sales for Week Ending July 26, 2008

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mmmm... yummy


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I really find this hard to believe with the 80GB being in stock the entire week.

As in go buy us some coffee.


Yea when I was typing in the numbers I came to PS3 and though I was reading it wrong haha. Had to rub my eyes for awhile and look again. Geez and it got adjusted down in America. Shortages or run out of one of those editions? Or simply summer lows. Who knows.

Wii and DS stay high and 360 sees little dropoffs or last weeks numbers adjusted and dropoffs were normal then.

PlayStation 3 destroys Xbox 360.

Im shocked as well about PS3 week sale, but horray for wii just a couple million away from passing n64 sales and then, off to beat SNES sales!

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40 gig running out? If so, when does the 80 gig come out? I can see the PS3 reaching almost zero if that doesn't come soon. Then again, others should have shortages as well, so that can't be it...
360 will win over the ps3 again this week!


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I guess 40GB PS3s are getting in short supply now.

Huge PS3 shortages this week guys

29k? Massive failure.

JGarret said:
What the hell happened to the PS3?


http://news.vgchartz.com/news.php?id=1592 .... they call it (slight) "overtracking": that's why last week grand total was 14.81 and now, a week later, is 14.47.


as for 29k...ioi answered

2008 year end sales (made in January 2008):

44.2 M 27.1 M 20.8 M