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JRPG, mostly SRPG.

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RTS. I rarely play them though, they take up too much time.

Adventure and Platformer

I like video games and card games.

Action Adventure, RPGs (mostly jrpg but i also enjoy some wrpg), platformers and shooters

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JRPG's, SRPG's, ARPG's, Shooters, Platformers.

SmokedHostage said:
Action/adventure and Platformers


 Aye ^^

Probably action based platformers (like the Jak series) after that I like vehicular based 3rd person action shooter (yeh I know it could be made a lot shorted, but hey!) stuff like Star wars battlefront

Almost any RPG game that is turn based. I am just old school... and I like that. :)

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Turn based JRPGs.

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