would you pay to come to VGChartz?

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Baddman said:
Hell No!



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EFF NO!!! lol

oh sweet lord no

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I'm gonna join the NO's on this one.

No, I can't imagine ever paying for any internet service. I pay for a phone line and broadband, that's more than enough.

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No I don't pay for anything on the internet.
If I could steal someone elses wireless signal I wouldn't pay for the internet either!!

DMeisterJ said:
We already pay, in hits (ads).

That translates to money.

So the answer, obviously, is yes, and we do.

People need to click on more ads then. :P

The most you might see wuold be some kind of premium account for a small fee, but that's years off if it ever happens so don't worry about it. :p


Two letters no