Bungie next games will be multiplatform? (EGM Rumour).

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colonelstubbs said:
Unlike Kaz Hirai, i would welcome a halo game on the PS3. It is unlikely though


Hell freezes over unlikely.

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If EGM really posted this stuff no wonder its going under.

First off no halo game will go to anything but microsoft console. Second MS is the only current publisher from bungie and they wouldnt publish for another console. 3rd The guy who wrote that is a ps fanboy.

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EGM has been known for spreading lies, they're not even credible anymore.

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masterb8tr said:
^imo thats a good thing. Halo 4 is just stupid. THey destroyed the halo's thus destroying the name halo and ending the series. BUT not masterchief, if they call the game something else than it could go to ps3. Not that anybody cares.


This is not how intellectual property works, sorry.

EGM just plain sucks, like nintendo power....
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