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Just found the following article on Gamepro.  Nintendo emphasis on Casual/Crap games. Hardcore Nintendo games will be retired until 2009. That is a huge slap in the face to true gamers.


Nintendo to retire hardcore games until next year

Hardcore Wii owners hoping for more first-party games this holiday can think again.

"You have seen the extent of Nintendo's 2008 holiday lineup," said marketing chief Cammie Dunaway, in an interview with Wired published Monday.

Not this year, Link.

Dunaway was referring to the four remaining first-party titles coming to Wii later this year, all of which are widely considered family-friendly: Mario Super Sluggers (Aug 25), Wario Land: Shake It! (Sep 22), Animal Crossing: City Folk (Holiday), and Wii Music (Holiday).

So while the recently released second half lineup may have been billed as "incomplete," it seems only third-party companies will be adding new games to the list before year's end.

The good news for long-time Nintendo fans is that new Zelda, Mario, and Pikmin titles are in the works, says Nintendo. Unfortunately, said games won't be coming until at least next year, company president Reggie Fils-Aime told Game Trailers last week.

"Not this year," affirmed Fils-Aime. "We never said we were bringing anything [core-related] out this year, other than I said core gamers would be happy with (an E3 surprise), and they got Animal Crossing."

The company may have never confirmed dates, but just last month, a different Nintendo official raised expectations further by promising several more games in an interview with GamePro. "We will be announcing several new titles that core gamers will be interested in around the time of E3," said Marc Franklin, director of public relations at Nintendo. Many gamers felt that never happened, however.

In any case, it's clear the Nintendo faithful will need to revisit recent first-party favorites like Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart, or count on the growing number of compelling third-party games to get their hardcore fix this holiday.

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Makes me glad i never brought that Wii off me friend

Hmmm.... that Link picture seems familiar....

Wasn't it one of ioi's first avatars?

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First, most people haven't been able to keep up with all of the big games alread yreleased. I still don't have Galaxy or Mario Kart and want both.

Second, it's ridiculous to expect 3 Zelda games in 3 years and 2 main series Marios in 2 years. It's ridiculous to expect another Metroid when Retro busted ass getting the last three our as rapidly as they did. It's ridiculous to expect Nintendo to release more big exclusives every year than all of their competitors and that all of them must be tailored to you.

Third, 3P developers need room to breathe. Usually they complain that releasing a game on a Nintendo system hurts their sales because they aren't as good at what they do as Nintendo. Since there are a few decent attempts finally being made, there's no reason to prove them right any more than necessary.

Fourth, no one has said second parties have nothing else to talk about, so there could always be more on the horizon that we are aware of.

Really, people are getting spoiled by how other companies release their products.  Everybody is so used to seeing all of the best stuff in Christmas because typically that's when companies sell the most.  But if you take a look around real quick you'll notice that all of the big companies are starting to figure out that if a game is big enough it doesn't matter when it releases because it will have long legs.  Just look at GTA4 and MGS4 for what I mean.  Typically, those would be holiday games as well, but the companies know they don't need to prey on demanding little children going mad with the gimmies in the greediest season of the year to sell their massive blockbuster games.  Only companies that make sub-par products think they need to flood the market in the last 3 months of the year.

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Just a case of twisting words.
You expect them to release those unfinished?

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You can rely on third parties to hopefully supply some hardcore games. It's fine with me I cant keep up with games on the wii including the Downloadable ones. Next retail purchase will either be a used pikmin game, or the new TOS for wii since I have the old one on gc.

Shakarak on Nintendo Switch, Steam.


This was already posted.  Are you just trying to troll again?  Also, I thought it was understood that they seem to be following the DS' strategy and are letting 3rd parties have some space.  And WHY is Wario considered casual?

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I think it could be that Nintendo are just being cocky. They know their systems are going to outsell the PS3 and 360 regardless of whether it's amazing or just average. Also, if they open up the rest of the year to third parties, that might help them lose the stigma of having "no third party support" or whatever it is that people complain about all the timing.

"compelling third-party games to get their hardcore fix this holiday"


Deadly Creatures

Star Wars TFU

Star Wars CW

Dead Rising

Sonic Unleashed

Tecmo Bowl

Mushroom Men


*1st party Nintendo*

Fatal Frame IV


Chrono Trigger DS


Its going to be a great holiday!!

Yeah it seems Nintendo pushed a bunch of big titles all at once this time to promote the Wii, rather than spread them out which tends to be a more usual trend of theirs. I can't say the lull is all too unexpected.

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