Illustrations for the How to use the site FAQ thread. Please do not post.

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I'll be posting jpegs to visually illustrate stuff for the FAQ thread here. PLEASE DO NOT POST.

If there's anything you want to add or say, do so in this thread.

Thank you.



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First, log into your account.

Second, in the header section click on "Games" (it's between "Reviews" and "Videos").

Third, you can either type in the name of the game (in whole or in part) or you can enter the console, publisher, developer, or some combination thereof.

From the next screen, find and select the game you own.

Scroll down a bit, and on the left hand side you'll find a box labeled "Community Stats." These are other VGCharterz who own, want, and are currently playing the game. At the top of the box, you'll see a line that says "Owners." Next to it is a number, and next that THAT is a small button labelled "(Add)." Click on that, and the game will go to your collection.

Note that if you ever want to remove the game, simply repeat these steps. Where it used to say "(Add)," it should now say "(Remove)." Click on that button to remove the game from your collection.

You can also do this from your profile. Go to "My Games" under the Quick Links area, find the game you want to delete, and click on "delete", which you'll find right under the game's artbox.

First, log into your account. Second, find the person you would like to add as a friend. There are two ways to do this. Either find a post that they made in a thread, or find them under the Community tab (located at the top of the page, right next to "forum."

If you're doing the former, simply click on the "Add Friend" button, located on the left-hand side of the post, under their username and avatar.

If you're doing the latter, click on the "Community" button.

Then either type in their user name (in whole or in part), or find them by gender, national origin, or both.

Once you've found the person, click on their user name to enter their profile. Once there, just click on the Add Friend button, located just below their avatar. From there, you're done. It is now up to the other person to accept or decline your invitation.

If someone offered to be your friend, the process is even simpler. Simply go to "My Friends" on your Quick Links, and click on the "Pending Friends Request" panel.

Click on the box next to the person, and then click on either the Accept or Decline button.

You will know that someone has sent you a friend request becausethere will be a notification in orange in the upper-left hand corner of your screen, just to the right of the Control Panel.

If you ever decide to drop a friend, just go to My Friends, click the box next to his or her name, scroll all the way to the bottom, and click "Delete Selected Friends."

There are four ways to start this process.

The quickest is to click on "Rich Text Reply," located at the top of the Quick Post box (Thanks to Final_Fan for pointing this out). The other ways are to either start a thread, be quoting another post, or editing your own to access fonts, post images, add smileys, and do things besides post text.

If you choose to quote, simply pick a post you wish to respond to by clicking on the "Quote" button, located on the lower right hand side of the post.

Regardless of which method you chose, you'll notice that there is now a small text box to type a message in. More importantly, there is now a toolbar across the top of the screen. Go to whichever image it is you wish to use. Highlight it with your mouse, and press Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy it. Return to the previous screen, and hit Ctrl+V to paste it.


Sometimes this doesn't work. If that's the case, find whatever image or gif it is that you want to post. Right-click on it, then scroll down to "Properties", and click on that.

This will bring up a small window called "Element Properties." Find "Image Properties" (NOT LINK PROPERTIES) and copy everything to the right of "Location:".

Take whatever you find there, and return to VGChartz. Click on the tree image in the control bar. A new window will pop up. Paste the code you copied beside "Image URL", type something into "Image Description", and you're done. Be warned that when posting gifs, the image will not animate until after you click on "Post", so don't worry if it's just a still image.



There are several ways to do this. I'll cover the quickest and easiest one.

First, find the embedding code for whatever video it is you want to post. I've included where to find the code for both YouTube and Gametrailers; I'm afraid you'll have to find it on other sites on your own (although it's rarely hidden).

Once you have the embed code, simply post it in the post box, and click "Post".

The code will look like gibberish for now, so click on edit.

You'll notice that the code is gone, and has been replaced with a box. Without changing anything in the code, press "Post." Your video should now be embedded.



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The process is quite simple. First, make sure you're logged into your account.

Then, click on the "Forum" button, located at the top of the screen, between "Videos" and "Community."

This brings you to all of the site's topics. Select whichever forum (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Sales, Website, Off-Topic, Gaming, or PC) is most appropriate for your thread. In the upper right hand corner, there is a button labelled "Create New Thread."

Click on that button, and you'll come to the same screen that you see when you're editing your posts. From here, you'll have access to the entire toolbar, so you can include images, embed links, and do everything else you want to from the get-go. Simply post whatever topic starter you want, create an appropriate title for you thread (see the rules), click "Post", and sit back to watch the flame wars. Please note that the topic title is limited to 75 characters. 

This is an easy one. First, you must have access to the toolbar, so either quote, edit, start a thread, or hit .

Once you have the access, simply highlight whatever text you want to embed the link into, and then click on the "Insert/edit link" button, represented by two chain links linked together.

A small window will pop up. Simply paste whatever site you want to link to, click "Update", and you're done.

If you want to remove such a link, you must also have access to the toolbar. Once again, highlight whatever text you want to remove the embedded link from, and then press the "Unlink" button on the toolbar, represented by a broken chain link. That's it.

First, log into your account.

On the Control Panel, go to Quick Links, and then click on "Edit Profile."

That will bring you to a new screen. At the top of that screen is a tab labelled "Profile Picture." Click on it to arrive at another screen.

From here, click on "Browse" to go through the files you've saved onto your PC. Select whatever photo you want to have as your avatar, click ok, then click on "Upload."

After a few seconds, you'll see the avatar you selected on the screen. If that's the one you want to go with, click "save changes" and you're set. Note that nothing will appear to have changed: that's fine.

If you ever want to change your avatar, return to this screen, click on "Remove Picture" (which is located directly below the avatar), and then repeat the previous steps, beginning with clicking on "Browse." As a courtesy to other users, please try not to change your avatar too much, as most of us identify people by the image first, with the name being checked only afterwards.

First, log into your account.

On the Control Panel go to Quick Links, and then click on "Edit Profile." From this screen you can modify most of the things in your profile, such as your date of birth, contact information, country, etc. Note that none of those is required: all the site needs is your gender, and you're set.

At the bottom of this page is a blank space with a toolbar above it. Whatever you post here will go into your sig. This includes images, gifs, links, whatever suits you. Just be warned that sigs must follow certain rules. See the Rules thread for more details. Also, as a courtesy to other users, please be sparing with any gifs you choose to post in your sig, as members with dial-up or poor connections will have a great deal of difficulty loading the page if there are too many gifs. At the top of the page is another tab marked "My Interests." This allows you to post even more information about yourself if you wish.

At the bottom of the post, you'll find a few buttons. One of these is marked "Quote."

Simply click on it, and you'll move to a new window in which the original post is quoted, ready for you to post your own comments underneath. The latest coments in the thread will also appear in reverse order below your box.

You may now alter the original post, by deleting, re-writing, bolding, posting images, or whatever else your little heart desires to do. Note though that the actual original post will remain unchanged: the changes will only be in your quote. Note also that you can keep up a conversation for a long time this way. As a courtesy to other users, I personally ask that you not leave in any quotes from more than three posts ago, so that others needn't slog through the same page of text to arrive at a one line response. Simply delete the contents of older posts to improve the flow of conversation. Thank you.