Jack Tretton says "PS3 4 million behind 360"

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Imagine how excited Jack Tretton will be next year when he gets to announce that the ps3 has passed the 360.


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ps3 is gonna have one crazy ass holiday season!


lol...hell yea

Well,right before MGS4 Microsoft claimed 5 million worldwide lead.Now Tretton (maybe rounding and PR spin ) tells about 4 million ....

This could be ...the difference must be between 4 and 4.5 million.

Not bad for the PS3 ,considering the "no games" ,"360 catalogue teh bestz evar" ,"too expensive" arguements used against it.

I think by may 2009 it will have definitely passed the 360.If only they really decided to cut the price instead of the "same price more Gb of HDD" strategy they are both following ....

That's not exactly out of range of Vgchartz estimates.

For example using Vgchartz data and 5% uncertainty:

360 at 19.78 million with 5% uncertainty = 18.79 to 20.77

PS3 at 14.41 million with 5% uncertainty = 13.70 to 15.12

Now let's say you work for Sony and are optimistic about PS3 sales and pessimistic about 360 numbers:

18.79 - 15.12 = 3.67 million difference

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Are PS3 Salew thst undertracked?

Are PS3 Salew thst undertracked?

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ioi said:
16.5m PS3s shipped is entirely possible


 ioi, said it, it must be true.

So why did they call it the 360?because when you see it, you'll turn 360 degrees and walk away- some guy on Gamespot
FishyJoe said:
We'll get the numbers from Sony next week. The only numbers I trust are the numbers printed in corporate reports, because they are legally required to provide correct information.

thats true fishy joe, many people claim big corps spin thier way out of it but on legal reporting they have to tell the truth.

i reckon in sales ps3 is temporary 5 million behind, mabey 4 million in shipped.

by november 2009 it may be that 360 is 5 million behind ps3!



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