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From http://www.gamefront.de - babelfish translation: New details of Star Wars: Force Unleashed 11.02.07 - The American Game Informer has new details to the Actiongame star Wars: Force Unleashed (PS3, Xbox 360), which develops with LucasArts - history plays between star Wars episode III and episode IV Darth Vader recognized that the Emporer had clean-put in, when it pulled into on the dark side of power. Vader knows however that it is too late, to turn around. The only possibility is to destroy the Imperator with another apprentice: This role takes over the player. The action builds Wars episode V on the dialogue from star - The Empire Strikes back up, when Vader said to hatch that he than the Imperator become stronger and could him fall. - the play uses the ' Euphoria engine ' and DMM: DMM is an engine, by which everything receives its completely individual characteristics in the play. Example you hurls a Stormtrooper with ' Force Push ' into a tree. The tree breaks either in two halves or splinters. If it were a steel wall, then it could leave a dent. Instead of the developers having to program and animate different conditions of damage, the play calculates these via DMM in real time. - at the beginning one is controlled a trained Sith, that the majority of the forces of power (Force speed, Force Push, Force Lightning, etc.). In the play process will one ever stronger, learns new forces and becomes even more powerful than the Emperor. - the abilities of powers are unbelievably represented: With the use of ' Force Push ' it looks, as if someone is hit by a cannon ball - for the power forces there is an energy border. Some abilities like e.g.. ' Repulsion ' need a few seconds, before they are available. ' Force Push ' is available against it in unlimited number. - the control pattern follows psi Ops. - history turns around the apprentice, who hunts the remaining Jedi and than Vader becomes stronger. In a duel one kaempt against Shaak Ti: It created it in ' episode III ' to escape during execution of the order 66 from the Jedi temple living. In StarWars: Force Unleashed has it several Rancors under their control: A Rancor was to be seen e.g. in episode VI in the prison of Jabba the Hutt, for the hunt for hatch Skywalker made. The Rancor can eat the player. But with the help of power the player the Rancor can zerfetzen from the inside out. - there history between the two motion picture films acts, is the end actually already given. The developers stress however that it will probably give alternative end. - Vader will be probably also playable. - one works at multi-player modes. - StarWars: Force Unleashed looks like a combination of Ninja Gaiden, God OF was, The matrix, 300 and star Wars. - the release: November 2007 (the USA)

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Looks cool. I wish they would have had the foresight to make a Wii version as well....but LucasArts has stated that they like the Wii and will make exclusives for it later...maybe a more lightsaber-orientated game.

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This game sold really well!

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