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Why is WiiSports always compared to other fullfledged $60 games?

If you're a core gamer and you're not a Mario/Zelda fan then Wii isn't the best choice for one console.

But there are plenty of AAA and A-C+ titles out there for people to enjoy.

I am so tired of every fanboy using WiiSports to explain why they don't like the Wii.

Not a Mario/Zelda/Metroid Fan I can understand. But saying you hate 3 of the top of the genre games means you haven't played them or you have bad taste.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

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I had fun for about two days after I bought it. I sold it after a month. All of my friend's have one, so I can easily play it there. I still enjoy SSB with my firends. Zelda is on the GameCube and plays much better there.

After E3, I see no reason I should have a Wii. 360 is the king of 3rd party titles, but PS3 still has some nice first party titles coming. PS360 is the way to go for me this generation.

If Nintendo makes an effort to bring back all the "Geeks and Otakus" like me that supported them through the dark GameCube days, then I may come back to it. From E3, it's obvious they completely support their "Geeks / Otaku" statement they made earlier.

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I guess people aren't allowed to post their opinion of how they think the Wii is fun for them >.>

Anyways, that said, I'm a PSWii owner, and I enjoy both consoles, but I slightly enjoy the Wii more. I personally have more fun playing SSBB and SMG than GTAIV and MGS4 (sorry for acronyms). That is just my opinion.


Pristine20 said:
JGarret said:
Yes, fun is subjective....personally, I don´t find motion controls such a revolutionary thing....while it does improve some type of games, such as RE4 and FPS games, it´s not such a make or break deal, as far as I´m concerned, that I go nuts because have to play RE5 with dual analog controllers.

One thing though, and I must be in the minority...more intuitive interfaces might mean we´re headed for virtual reality a few generations from now, and I´m not sure I´m fond of the idea, but that´s just me.

It not just you. I'm perfectly fine holding a traditional controller and have no interest in virtual reality



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How boring would it be if you stepped into a time machine, and 50 years from now people were still using your antique controllers?


I'm glad that controls have evolved, for the better, and I look foreward to even greater leaps in the future. If you want to stall out in the past, fine. Just don't expect us to wait behind with you.






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Oh, and in referance to the word "fun" and Wii, this is simple:

The Wii focuses on gameplay and "fun", the others focus on HD, movies, and games that are less about fun, and more about killing the same stuff over and over online, in some attempt to prove you're better than others. You can't even begin to call CoD4 fun, next to Mario Galaxy. One is bright, cheerful, and...FUN, the other is depressing, and the best of the 5000 other "kill this guy" games.

The end.




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I had a wii upto march when i sold because it wasn't fun. I find nothing fun about the wii or its games. I find Motorstorm, Resistance, RE, Gears, GoW, CoD etc 'fun'. Maybe the Wii is fun if you enjoy basic, simplistic games. At least the DS had some proper games. Nintendo is testing my loyalty with thier shenanigens.

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NintendoMan said:

I had a wii upto march when i sold because it wasn't fun. I find nothing fun about the wii or its games. I find Motorstorm, Resistance, RE, Gears, GoW, CoD etc 'fun'. Maybe the Wii is fun if you enjoy basic, simplistic games. At least the DS had some proper games. Nintendo is testing my loyalty with thier shenanigens.


 I sold allof those games you listed, and the PS3 too. It wasn't fun. At least the PSP exists for stuff.




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Pristine20 said:

Every other post on this site, you read about how much "fun" the wii is. But what is fun? Fun is an activity thats "enjoyable". That said, I'd argue that "fun" is entirely subjective and people should stop using the word as a synonym for "wii".

I lost interest in the goofy character model-type games that nintendo seems to focus so much on. There's a wii in my house, it belongs to my little brother but I haven't touched it because there's nothing that interests me. I don't want to join my family playing wii sports upstairs. I'd rather go to my game room (in the basement) and try to get through the intriguing story of Legend of Dragoon.

These days, it seems like I'm weird because I don't want to have "fun". But I find it relaxing and interesting playing through LOD while lying on a bed and would rather play COD4 if I wanted to play with friends. We scream when we die (in the game), laugh when we kill someone else (in the game). Even though it could get frustrating when you keep getting killed (in game), its a sweet frustration and altogether "enjoyable" experience.

So my question to you is: aren't we (my friend' and I) having "fun"? If we are, isn't every console "fun" to its owner? Why do the wii crowd keep tagging the word "fun" like they are the only ones capable of having it? Is it only games with no challenge (wii music) whatsoever that are now "fun"?


 The thing you don't seem to have picked up is that its not all about ME ME ME.

I don't enjoy COD4, I don't like the company online.

...I'm not really sure what your point is in all honesty?

Pristine20 said:
TheSource said:

People say Wii is fun because it has games they enjoy.

Reading your post, don't you find it strange that everyone in your family likes Wii except for you? I'm not trying to knock your tastes as there is plenty of good content on consoles with traditional controls & content (it would be foolish to argue otherwise since Nintendo had plenty of success with NES/SNES/N64/GC/GBA and all had traditional control & games) but at the same time it does show where the astronimical success of Wii in terms of software and hardware sales come from. One of the things I ask my dad, a guy who was my age in the late 1970s and early 1980s is why he stopped playing videogames and never really returned. I used to think it was just how he aged, but more recently we've come to the conclusion that this is the process that happens/happened/is happening to many gamers:

1) Controls are initially simple enough for people enjoy immensely.

2) Gamers who love a certain type of game with a given complexity or in a genre soon master the controls.

3) Developers are left with two choices once gamers beat the - make essentially new levels for the same gameplay different to retain the previous audience (harder/easier, more nuanced/less nuanced), or change the fundamentals in a high risk/high reward scenario in regard to the original audience (change goals, change controls, change story) .

In the late 70s/early 80s people made more of the same type of game - but the controls grew more complicated instead of the game play getting more complicated. So while people like my dad to this day crow about how great Missile Command, Galaga, Space Invaders, etc were, the game controls got too complicated while the genre/game play remained the same. Thats a recipe for boredom/disinterest.

With NES, controls got simpler, and game play got more complicated - thats the ideal, and the secret to success in this industry. Your parents and relatives play Wii because the game play that you enjoyed so much in the PS2 era is now accessible because controls were made simpler. If Nintendo had bit the bullet, and released Wii at comparable graphical power to 360 (risking a loss on hw sales) with the waggle functionality and $249 price point I'm fairly sure it would have made PS3/360 functionally obsolete rather than just graphically high end & ease of control low end competitors because you'd have more sophisticated games with simple control. Wii is really only half the equation, and I think thats the origin of the backlash, people like me who don't mind that enjoy it alot, people who do dislike it rather intently.

NES-SNES, PS1-PS2-PS3, Xbox-X360, N64-GC, Sat-DC are all 'more complex controls', 'similar game play' advancements withthe typical prettier graphics and better physics. PS1 era games and PS2 era games were better suited to the Sony controllers, so the transition to 3D was a  broader success on those platforms, even though Nintendo 64 had 'the blockbusters for teenagers' just as  PS3/360 do right now. The real changes occur when you get better gameplay and simpler controls as you did from SNES/Gen to PS1/N64, Atari 2600/Arcades to NES, GBA to DS, and that we see to a lesser degree from PS2/Xb/GC to Wii in the motion sensing games that aren't mini-game fests (Carnival Games) or overly traditional (Fire Emblem).


Nope, I don't. I've always been a traditional gamer while they never played games. We've always been "different" you see. My point was that the word"fun" seemed to have become exclusive to the wii so I started a campaign to set things straight ala this thread. I also played games back in the day but then I was more casual. I got more interested in gaming as  it got more "complicated" lol. I tend to favor complicated things. This is why my sig hails the MGS saga as my favorite game storyline.

I was trying to point out that the ps3 and 360 are also "fun" to their regular users not just the wii. Its obvious to everyone that the wii has introduced more gamers with its new control scheme. However it hasn't redefined what "fun" is. Fun is still an activity thats "enjoyable" which makes it entirely up to the doer of the activity. Hence "fun" is not a term that should be used to blanket anything because there would always be individuals who don't find it "fun"


Still missing the point...

Do you like reading long books with small writing?

There's very few people who could call that "fun"...They might really enjoy it but "fun" is not the correct word to use. (You don't seem to understand this extremely basic philosophy from what you say?).

Most people find that doing something ACTIVE is considered "fun"...

Haven't you ever heard people say "kids these days should get outdoors more and have some wholesome fun"?

The Wii acomplishes this to an extent, indoors on a games console.


....I might start a topic in a minuite discussing "dust" and "fluff", why is dust called "dust"...Can small bits of fluff be called "dust"...Does all fluff have to be "fluffy"...Does fluff only exist inside?

Is there a difference between fluff from clothes and that fluff that accumilates on the floor? Where does fluff come from?

Who cares? Nobody, is there a point? No...Could I construct a post that would make it sound like there is a point to answer....quite possibly!!!!


There is nothing special about the wii. I have bought 4 retail games, and haven't bought a game since early 2007. The last game being Wii play (because of the controller) Now the wii only gets used when guests come over and they want to play wii sports.
Nintendo screwed the core gamer this gen.

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