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Every other post on this site, you read about how much "fun" the wii is. But what is fun? Fun is an activity thats "enjoyable". That said, I'd argue that "fun" is entirely subjective and people should stop using the word as a synonym for "wii".

I lost interest in the goofy character model-type games that nintendo seems to focus so much on. There's a wii in my house, it belongs to my little brother but I haven't touched it because there's nothing that interests me. I don't want to join my family playing wii sports upstairs. I'd rather go to my game room (in the basement) and try to get through the intriguing story of Legend of Dragoon.

These days, it seems like I'm weird because I don't want to have "fun". But I find it relaxing and interesting playing through LOD while lying on a bed and would rather play COD4 if I wanted to play with friends. We scream when we die (in the game), laugh when we kill someone else (in the game). Even though it could get frustrating when you keep getting killed (in game), its a sweet frustration and altogether "enjoyable" experience.

So my question to you is: aren't we (my friend' and I) having "fun"? If we are, isn't every console "fun" to its owner? Why do the wii crowd keep tagging the word "fun" like they are the only ones capable of having it? Is it only games with no challenge (wii music) whatsoever that are now "fun"?

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It's fun because I say so.

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Fun for a wider variety of demographics, or simple fun. You don't have to be a heavy or experienced gamer to have fun with the Wii.



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The "fun" means gameplay over technology. If you value technology (graphics, sound, cinematics, online, Blu-ray, Achievements, etc., etc.) over gameplay polish and quality then you are advised to own an Xbox 360 or PS3. If you favour gameplay quality, get a Wii.

Neither route is better - the use of the word "fun" instead of "focus on gamplay" is a marketing tool, not a statement of fact.

If you can honestly say you don't like Super Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime 3, Super Smash Bros. Brawl and LoZ: Twilight Princess, then the Wii is not for you. Likewise, if I don't like Halo, Call of Duty, FF13, MGS4, Gears of War or similar, I can conclude the PS3/360 are not for me.


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Yes, fun is subjective....personally, I don´t find motion controls such a revolutionary thing....while it does improve some type of games, such as RE4 and FPS games, it´s not such a make or break deal, as far as I´m concerned, that I go nuts because have to play RE5 with dual analog controllers.

One thing though, and I must be in the minority...more intuitive interfaces might mean we´re headed for virtual reality a few generations from now, and I´m not sure I´m fond of the idea, but that´s just me.

Much like absolutely everything that is discussed on this site, the concept of "Fun" games is really poorly defined ... What I think most people mean is that the games are much more accessable, the games are dramatically more focused, and the enjoyment of these games is high much earlier on with far less investment.

With many games (across all platforms) they expect you to complete a long (and boring) tutorial mode where they focus on teaching you the complicated controls of the game, and establish the story; and after you begin the game they expect you to spend hours performing dull tasks until you finally get the opportunity to do something actually enjoyable.

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Seeing as you've stated that you find Legend of Dragoon intriguing, I think it's fair to say that the appeal of the Wii may well be lost on you. LoD more or less embodies the dead opposite of everything that makes many of the games on the Wii fun: it's unintuitive, it's very unfriendly towards anybody not familiar with RPGs, the gameplay itself does not pick up for many hours, and all of the gameplay system depth is forced on you whether you want it or not. Whereas the Wii's best titles all have intuitive gameplay, are easy for anybody to pick up, are thoroughly engrossing from the first minute, and have hidden gameplay depth which is optional.

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Of course you can have fun not playing the Wii. In fact, everyone should have fun playing their games. I think the concept of ''fun'' for the Wii is different by the fact that it has a very intuitive remote control, and you learn to have ''fun'' while exploring every single possibilities that the remote can do in different games. It offers different things to explore in every game.

Take for example Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. I've never had so much fun actually doing the gesture of pulling something out, but the Wii remote allowed that. Or take for example Mario Kart Wii, you actually control the kart like a real car (only in miniaturized version)! It's a different experience for everyone, I guess.

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