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RolStoppable said:
What if a FFXIII spinoff goes to the DS? Would that mean that nobody should buy the "core"?


Are you syaing the DS isn't "the core?"  Blasphemy!

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Fei-Hung said:
I think you have got the poison pill thing wrong by saying the other Exclusives wont come on the 360. FFXIII i believe is just testing the waters. But what i do agree with from another member said is SONY and SE doing something behind the backs of MS.

It all seems very coincidental and too easy. Regardless of what Sony say, I'm pretty sure they knew of the multi plat in time and i'm sure they have a big hand in making sure FFXIII exploits weaknesses on the 360. The game was built with only the PS3 in mind and made to utilise the Cell processing power (whatever this may be). For Sony this would be a win win situation since they will still have the game and be able to laugh at MS for falling into this trap. SE will win as they have kept Sony happy and made good money by having sales on both platforms. MS won't be happy as they would have been wrong over having the 1st laugh and their system will be made to look weak.

just as the story of FFXIII going to the 360 was a megaton, this will be way bigger.

MS better make sure that FFXIII lives up to the PS3 version. If it doesn't, they will face hard times and think twice about buying out another exclusive!

Um, no?  For the people who would notice any such differences (if they exist at all), it's going to be well-known that the PS3 version was worked on for three years and optimized for the PS3 before they even decided to make it multiplat.  So, you were saying?


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They can buy a ps3 instead to get the complete FF fix. Hell buy a bc ps3, you can play most of the ff games

Stats87 said:
joseph21 said:
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Luppien said:
i think you verry much overrate the ff XIII spin-offs. I think xbox users will propably look to the last renmant,star ocean or other rpgs :)


Final Fantasy Versus XIII is not a Spin-Off

it is just two different Director's who wanted to each make their own vision of FFXIII.


tetsuya nomura, takes the director lead here.

but he is the char designer for both.

i expect versus to be better in story.

Yup Nomura is directing one, Kitase is the other

If I remember correctly Nomura did the story for FF7 and directed Kingdom Hearts

Kitase Directed FF7 and FF8, was behind FF10 as well.

Hiroyuki Ito directed did FF9 and FF12

With each of the three having their core teams.


Nojima was the one who wrote the story for FFVII.  The only game stories that Nomura wrote were for the Kingdom Hearts series


It's one fo the reasons the PS3 version will vastly outsell the X360 one, people will want the whole story, not just parts of it.

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FFXIII is too far away to have any kind of significant impact.

By Spring 2010, this generation will be nearing a close, and the game will obviously sell more copies on the PS3 due to Japan and Europe, and the gap in hardware will be significantly smaller or even in the PS3's favor.


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Xen said:
It's one fo the reasons the PS3 version will vastly outsell the X360 one, people will want the whole story, not just parts of it.

Lol, so first FF vs is another game totally separated from FF and now is part of the story...

Anyways, at this point FF vs could be part of the 360 catalog too...


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Its a sad thing that ff vs probably will go multiplatform. I wanted to see what square enix could do with the ps3.

Another thing is that if the game isnt dumbed down it can come in a neat 50Gb Blu Ray ...and the X360 version be a 7 disc thing more expensive and with worse controls(the DS3 pad is better ).....the 360 may have bitten more than it can chew this time.

That's the problem with Vs. It's seen as a spin off. I wouldn't worry about it to much... Cause Spin offs of FF are met with skepticism. (With good Reason)

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