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sony is still getting all the third party games you like. you're not losing any of them. stop complaining and whining. you're still getting them at the same time as the 360 people are. i repeat, you're getting your FF13 at the same time as everyone else!


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no one will get ff13 for a very very long time.

People are mad because it is only now becoming clear that Xbox 360 will probably be the JRPG machine of choice this gen. PS3 may still get final fantasy, and at still get last remenant, eternal sonata, and star ocean 4 a year later than 360, but what about all the other JRPGs? PS2 JRPG fans probably feel betrayed and their feeling are justified.
PS3 is not really hemorrhaging games though. It's just losing exclusivity and at the same time Microsft is moneyhatting JRPGs, which amounts to something similar, but it is not the same as truly losing support. Sony's strategy to beef up 1st party dev may end up to be a more sound one than buying 3rd party exclusivity. Though I think Microsft is going for a strong foothold this gen that erases some Xbox losses, and then to come in a strong 2nd/win next gen while expanding 1st party.

You don't need to create another thread about it. You're getting more agitated than the people complaining about it.