Potential/Current PS3 owners: Does b/c matter to you?

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dib8rman said:
If you like stuff like persona 3F like I do and Draken Gaurd or going back and playing Saga Frontier 2 or Rouge Galaxies then yes it matters.

To people with PS2's still maybe not so much. I gave my PS2 away.


 I still have my ps2 and its working perfectly. However, I like having only 1 piece of equipment playing all my games and movies and streaming content from my PC into my game room. My ps3 does this quite well.

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BC is a good incentive to upgrade but it is semi anti productive.

BC did matter to me thats why I bought the 60gig.

CAL4M1TY said:
I still own a playstation 2, so it's not a big issue for me.

Backward compatibility for PS1 games is though, because for some reason my PS2 can't play PS1 discs (even ones with no scratches what so ever).
I would send it to sony, but it's out of warranty and I don't plan to pay to play 1 game (FF8) and I don't trust the seedy guys at the local "mod/upgrade" shop to repair my console.

So now I'm sitting here with FF7 in one hand (that works, and that I don't want to play) and FF8 in the other (I do want to play but it's not supported by the 40gb PS3 according to the Sony website).

I'm going to say yes though, because it means I can't sell my PS2.


All versions of  PS3's play PS1 games.

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I have 40 ps2 games and a broken PS2

so YES, PS3 BC is a must for me.
No BC=No PS3 for me atm


Yes, it matters.

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Yes, if I ever end up getting a PS3 I definately would only get a BC version.

I did not have a PS2 so I missed out on some games I would like to play. And same as the Wii, I would be dissapointed if it didn't have GC BC.

Sure if the PS3 never had BC then i wouldn't worry about it at all. But if one has it and one doesn't then I would want the one that does. Though 100 dollars if a bit much to charge for BC. You can get a ps2 for that price. and much cheaper if you buy used.

They shoudl just duct tape a ps2 ontop of the ps3 then, heck its not like you don't need to make a lot of space for that ugly machine anyway.  (yes i think the ps3 is ugly, thats an opinion.  so no arguements are necessary)  I might also find yoru girlfriend ugly, you wanna fight about it.



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Yes. Right after price.

I would cite regulation, but I know you will simply ignore it.

got my 60 gig so no.