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I didn't either.... although watching the people squirm was funny.... That poor girl will have Nightmares for month's. LOL

Boycotting the following:

1. Yoshi: He ate my car and spit out a toaster.

2. Igglybuff: Totally false advertisement. You can have as many as you like they don't buff nothing.

3. the Terms Hardcore/Softcore... We're talking Video Games. Not Porn.

4. The term Casual as relates to Gamers: We make them sound like outsider's that happen to play games.  If that were the case they'd own a PS3.

5. Donuts.... Beacause I drink Beer...... and the biggest fan of Donuts hates Beer.

6. Boycotts: Their so lame.



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lmao. pause at 2:33.

wfz said:
Yay someone looks like a penis...

This thread sucks.

Ohh come on, how often is it that a person/ghost looks like a penis? I didn't laugh when I saw the penis boy but your post made me chuckle (good comedic timing).


How can you people not see it? Just pause at 2:32

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Here it is.

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That is indubitably a phallus shaped ghost.

Cactus said:



Here it is.


wow, lol i didnt even notice it

Lol, well after the disney clips, there is nothing to get worried about...

By me:

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Those commercials look very scary

i dont really see anything

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