Realistically, is there any announcement Sony could make to make up for FF?

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No single announcement can top this. The MS press conference was a disaster until the last minute. I just hope Sony announces the expected and has a few surprises for us. The exclusive third party title is a thing of the past. First party will decide each consoles fate.

Thanks for the input, Jeff.



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It can't be topped. I've been wondering why Microsoft didn't do this a long time ago I even wrote a thread about it:


So now the fight will continue. Gratz to 360 owners on getting what looks to be shaping up as one of the biggest RPGs ever.

Hmmm should I get a 360 or a Wii?? Hmmmm

Onyxmeth said:
kitler53 said:
with MS's track record in consideration - how the hell did they keep this a secret? i feel like i got hit by a train.

I think MS was too busy keeping this a secret to even bother with anything else. Then again, some of the rumors, like the X-Mote didn't end up happening anyways.



I wondering if that whole rumor was a red herring to keep prying eyes/ears from learning about FF XIII.

cheifprocrastinator said:
*bleu-ocelot* said:
Sony will bounce back. They wont take this news without a huge announcement. They surely was aware of this announcement and have something up their sleeve.

Us loyalist are not selling our PS3's over this announcement. FFVXIII is still exclusive.


 bring up a good point sony would have to know about it.

1. Square would have come to them asking for $$$ to keep it like Rockstar

2. Square told stock holders about the M$ money deal(if there was one)

...sony owns some Square-enix stock or am i crazy?


so either way sony has already been planning on what to do, but given how things have gone the expected thing is nothing


  For Sony to have kept it exclusive this long, there must have been an exclusivity deal in place. Square probably bought out the contract using money furnished by Microsoft (god knows how much). So yeah, Sony must have known about this from the start. It apparently happened pretty recently, though, so whether or not Sony had time to come up with something to counter it tomorrow is another question.

steven787 said:

Just gotta dig up my 50ft cable.


 Technically, for about $90 you could by a WiFi USB dongle, but that would eat away most of the savings of XB360 (some cheaper third party devices will work, as well, but it's hit or miss) or you could buy a WiFi bridge that converts Ethernet to WiFi.

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gears of war 2 on PS3,,,lol




Oooh. This looks like a fun thread. Okay lets see...

FF7 exclusive remake for PS3
A Square Enix exclusive MMO game,
Gears of War Series comes to PS3
A Bungie exclusive game for PS3
Blizzard exclusive game or WoW spinoff
GTA exclusive spinoff game for PS3
Spore comes to PS3 after Wii but before X360
A major online media (like Google) supported infrastructure to rival Microsoft XBL

That is the best I could come up with, outside just going plain stupid. Any TWO of those would negate most of the loss of exclusivity of FF13

I'm just saying...

God of War III
Team ICO's next game
Some other new, awesome IP

Burgles said:
Onyxmeth said:

I would say Grand Theft Auto V exclusivity could do it. They wouldn't even need anything but the announcement. If this Bungie project ends up PS3 exclusive, I suppose it could be big, but it wouldn't have the Halo name, so not big enough. Only GTA V could win it for them and I don't think it's likely.

FF VII would definitely be interesting though. I could see that taking out the FF XIII announcement. Or Kingdom Hearts.


 IF there is a GTA V, it won't be released for at least another 2 years...How long was GTA IV in development for?

Well supposedly that's how long it's going to take for FF XIII to get over here, so it would have the same effect. I don't think the trailer mattered at all, it was the announcement.


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FF VII remake will go to the 360 so....

No more than 1 gb of HD install per game.

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