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1. Super Monkey Ball
2. Texas Hold'em
3. Enigmo
4. Bejeweled 2
5. Cro Mag Ralley
6. Bomberman Touch
7. Air Hockey
8. Surf Shack Sodoku
9. BattleAtSea
10. Moto Racer



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YAY! go, go monkey ball!
pretty interesting actually.
how many iphone games are there?

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There are currently 40 games. That's really good seeing as the App Store just came out today. 40 games on day 1 is amazingly good, and many more AWESOME games coming out.

Those are the games people are buying? I hope Apple doesn't making an actual gaming console, their customers have horrible taste.



Montana you must realise the games are completly different on the iPhone because of the accelorometer. SMB is amazing because of it.

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Actually this belongs in Sales Discussion anyways, not Off Topic. Locked.