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You heard that right folks! nVidia saw the menace of ATi's HD4 series, and slashed the price of their cards by... quite something. Here are the new prices:

9800 GTX: $165 ($199)

GTX 260: $222 ($329)

GTX 280: $392 ($499)



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I'm really tempted to get a GTX.

...if only I had the money. :'(

They're cutting prices because of ATI. ATI's graphics cards are getting very close in terms of performance, and sometimes, they're actually better in tests. With this, and a much lower price point, of course Nvidia was going to lower prices.

This is all good for us, the consumer! While this graphics card war is raging, expect prices to be lower, so if i were anyone looking for a good graphics card, now would be the time to buy.

Is there anyway I can get this to fit into a slimline case, or do I need to get a new case (or new tower) ? My brother messed up and bought one of those retarded pcs with the slimline towers.

WOW!!! That SUCKS BIG TIME for the early adopters. I mean, these cards have only been out for 2 weeks or something. When they first hit retail, the GTX 280 started at round 600, with the top of the line cards going up above 700!!! HOLY COW!!! That is a massive price cut, and I feel really sorry for the people who payed 650 for a GTX 280 at launch, only to now be able to get them for 400...a 250 difference (over half way to SLI). Those who went to SLI at launch spent over 1200 on these cards. Now you can go SLI with the GTX 280 for only 100-200 more than the price of a single card just 2-3 days ago!!! WOWOWO!!

I am happy to see ATi sticking it to nvidia in the price aspect of things, and also running in parallel when it comes to performance, and in some games, even better(for half the cost at launch). You could have crossfired 2 4870s for the same or less than a GTX 280 at launch, and completely slaughter the single card. Really happy to see ATi back near the top. Competition is good for everyone, especially the consumers...as you can see by the price war that has just begun!!!

PS. Sucks to be an early adopter, but usually it doesn't bite you in the butt THIS FAST!!!

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>guy above

GTX280's MSRP is $499. the bracket ($392) is how much the AIB partners purchase them for.

The price cuts are nice but nothing exciting.  GTX280 is still too expensive and GTX260 performs too similar to HD 4870 but still higher in price.

crappy old school NES games are more entertaining than next-gen games.

holy crap ! --- might concider getting a new card :p altho i have a 8600 so i don't need it very badly.

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Now I just need some money...

Great news for PC owners. More PC graphics cards will be bought instead of consoles.

brill, that means a bigger profit for me on my next build,