who is your favorite male video game character?

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The Prince of Persia .. and of course Zelda is the beautiful Princess ever.

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Guybrush Threepwood, mighty pirate

Nightmare from soul calibur and Pyramid head from Silent Hill 2.

If you don't want an hideous monster, Auron from FFX

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famousringo said:
Travis Touchdown, the nerd with a lightsaber and some kind of incomprehensible invincibility. He doesn't want a fancy title, he just wants to be number one.


 Travis wins on the personality facet, more so then Snake even.

But seeing Link or any of his attributes on a videogame cover still makes me tingle. He's my special guy!

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Always has been and always will be Link.

Ridley, unless you only meant humans.

The Merchant from RE4