What is the worst game ever?

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Charles' Angels for the PS2.. that game was very bad.

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oliist said:
aarrrgghhh damn you SQE...


 What you think the WORST game ever is, not a game that you feel is overrated or a disappointment jeez.


Definitely Big Riggs, then again at least that game was funny.  Probably ET

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jerseyboy609 said:
Its either pokemon snap, or vampire rain

How can you possibly hate Pokemon Snap? One of my best gaming memories is pulling an all nighter with my mate trying to get the best scores possible.


I remember ET. I'd fall in the pit and it was stupid-hard to 'float' out. Sucked pretty hardcore. I'll go with that and Hydlide on NES. That game nearly killed RPG's for me. And the music and sound fx damn near made my ears bleed.

Any half-assed game on the Wii like ROCK BAND.
And any FinalFantasy game.XD

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I would say Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the NES, but that game did have one thing that drew me in. For all it's god awful platforming, horribly cheap enemies and ridiculous difficulty (Damn you underwater sequences!) it was immensely satisfying when you finally beat the game.

Other than that I would say Superman 64, I still to this day cannot believe it was put up as a playable demo in an old video game store I used to frequent, before it closed down (not due to them allowing people to play Superman 64 of course, just the rise of EB games next store).

The 2600 version of Double Dragon

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The game I've always hated is Illusions for the Colecovision. Maybe it was because I was young, but I never had a clue what the hell I was supposed to do....EVER. If you've never played this lump of crap, don't do it. It will only frustrate the shit out of you.

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