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PS360ForTheWin said:
its 4.45am here


Yep. Early time to update ^^

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Dude I just finished installing, firedup COD4 and whilst in multiplayer mode brought up the in-game xmb and sent a message to my buddy. It works sigh!

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Thanks for the info, already downloading! 1%!!

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The SSHD update is taking a year to DL.



so in game xmb works with every game without the need to be patched?




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I've finished installing. However, I now can't figure out how to turn off the system with the controller.

I figured it out...just hold down the ps button and the old screen comes up!

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SpartanFX said:
so in game xmb works with every game without the need to be patched?


 I think so but then again don't quote me on that

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Downloading now, at 30%, and i'll be playing Stardust right after the update. And its updating really fast too

SnakeEyez said:
Bobo012893 said:
What are the games that will currently have trophies cuz i want to know which ones to play? Can anyone tell me?


Stardust HD (updating it right now) thats the first game off the bat. I know Warhawk is gonna get patched, but Idk if its like stardust or not. Pixel Junk Eden when it launches is gonna have trophies and hopefully every game from now on has trophies (C'mon patch for GTA IV and MGS4)


 That's it? Man... Now I'll have to go buy SSHD.

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Inconginito said that warhawk will get pactched in the 1.5 update out in august with a possibly new booster.