IGN says Sony's trophy system will walk all over Xbox 360's achievements

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Isn't the guy a bit biased? I mean i don't doubt that trophies might be better than achievements, but the way he says it sounds like a PS3 fanboy. Oh well...


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IGN fails again what a bad article.

Achievement or Trophy Systems are just for obsessive people with no lives to play video games all day 24/7. Big deal. "I have a Level 100, My 360 score is over 100 000 points. I am also unemployed, 28 years old and I live off my mum and dad".

makingmusic476 said:
Stolen from NeoGAF:

Gaming has changed. It's no longer about fun, challenges, or storytelling. It's an endless series of point whoring done by gamers on machines. Gaming - and its consumption of life - has become a well-oiled machine.

Gaming has changed. ID-tagged gamers play on ID-tagged consoles, use ID-tagged accounts. Specifications inside their save files enhance and regulate their rewards. Trophy control. Gamerscore control. Parental control. Region-specific differences control. Everything is monitored and kept under control.

Gaming has changed. The age of next-gen promises has become the age of control... All in the name of averting catastrophe from casual gaming and waggle. And he who controls the most features... Controls the console war.

Gaming has changed. When the consoles are under total control... ...Gaming becomes routine.


Thanks for showing this, I feel a whole lot better after reading this, now I just need trophy support for MGS4 so I can go replay it :P

Great work. Thank you Sony.

eliasg said:
Eurogamer = 360 biased

IGN = PS3 super biased...

Eurogamer = 360 biased in the biggest possible way, but thier plans will fail.

IGN = 360 biased, but i predict soon enough they will stop clutching straws of 360

back on the topic though, the leveling up trophy system will work way better, and even looks way better, and even on a functionality term, functions better than the basic number gamerscore. i mean the trophy system is way better to show off and to set yourself targets to get to the next level up stage.

soon enough all ps3 games will have trophy system, great work sony keep it up, i look forward to the 2nd. almost every week theres some buzz news on the ps3 no matter how critical it may be recived.

imo a trophy system will walk all over the basic number gamescore of the 360

but the 360 gamerscore has to be given credit because they came up with this idea 1st


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I don't understand. How are any of the features better or, for that matter, different than achievements? The leveling system is just as much a grind. Perhaps even more so with the introduction of the platinum trophy.

That being said, I think a lot of people who say they don't really care will find themselves thoroughly enjoying the trophy system. It certainly adds a few extra goals to the game. As a 360 owner, I do not find myself trying aggressively to increase my score, but I do enjoy collecting as many attainable achievements as I play a game. It allows you to set a few extra goals that extend the game just a little longer.

Ofcourse that guy is biased, he is from the IGN playstation team XD

He does own a 360 though.



you all know this guy is a sony fanboy right???

k just making sure before you say DOOM TO XBOX LIVE.

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Basically, this is how this news should be read :


Xbox360 achievement = PS3 trophy

it is about the same

but what does IGN decide to do ?

they push the PS3 trophy !!!!!!!!!!

HD industry has shifted 100% on the PS3 side CONFIRMED.

Time to Work !

He's not buying any 360 games because of trophies... what a tool.