Which highly rated games do you dislike and why?

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ICO - I can't really explain why I don't like this game. but it's mainly because of the total lack of narrative and direction. I also found it really frustrating in places.

Gears of War - The campaign is far too short and repetitive and there are better online games to play right now. It's not bad, but graphics are the only thing that was actually great. Not worth the high scores in my opinion.

Resistance - One of the worst shooters I've played this generation. If it wasn't bundled, I doubt it would have sold a fraction of its current sales.

Super Smash Bros Brawl - I finally picked this up recently and all I could think about was how overrated this game was. The only time I've truly had fun was with friends over. The Subspace Emissary was boring; in fact all of the single player content was boring and the online component was regularly unplayable due to lag. I've never played any of the previous games before so I guess I may not have gotten into it yet, but I'm not buying into it so far.

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GTAIV... in fact, all of the GTA series - I don't like how unpolished the game is, with that horrible framerate, popup everywhere, silly physics, plus the game itself is not very fun for me.

And that's about it. And your sig is some crazy sh*t.

Final Fantasy 7 - It was a step back in every way... and after it came out Square hasn't really made a decent RPG since... and I used to buy and love every Square RPG.

Legend of Zelda: most after Ocarina of time - I thought Ocarina was ok. The rest has been a rehash of a game that i thought was alright and they've mostly been worse.

GTA games: Open world gameplay is great... but it sucks when the gameplay that comes along with it sucks... and everyone who wants to make a "Sandbox" game copies the crappy gameplay. Prototype and Infamous look like they might stop the drought. Last good "Sandbox" game I played was "Sid Meyer's Pirates!"

I loved GTA when i was playing it at a friends house... as soon as i played it i got bored after a few hours.

GTA4- there was so much hype surrounding this game and it was getting 10's on almost every review. when i finally got my copy i played it for a few hours and it was fun but the more i played it the less excited i was. i was sick of driving around and being a taxi. it got boring veryvery fast. san andreas was a much better game.

SMG- For some reason i couldn't really get into this game. it just wasn't a challange. the game was far too easy. i think if they had a difficulty setting it would have been much better.

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Super Smash Bros Brawl - I am even somewhat of a Nintendo fanboy and I do not get this one.

GTA (any of them) - fun for about 15 minutes and then suddenly become the most boring games you can buy.

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God of War- felt extremely derivative of other games, but not doing what they specialized in as well. Jack of all trades, master of none. GoW2 I liked quite a bit for some reason though.

Brawl - it's a Super Smash Bros. game.

GTA (any) - they are completely boring.

Gran Turismo (any) - the Codemasters racing franchises have been years ahead of GT since forever (car damage and challenging races).

Shadow of the Colossus - a lifeless world in which you try to do the same thing over and over again, but the controls are rubbish and so is the framerate.

Halo (any) - self explanatory.

Ocarina of Time - because there are so many better Zelda games.

Okami - just kidding, Mr. Montana.

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SSBB - I'm just not into this type of game, i thought MK Wii was better

Gears of War - Repetitive, there were a lack of guns (like 5 total), It was too dark of a setting for me. I like my games to be bright so you can see. At least in SOCOM you get night vision.

Bioshock - I didn't find the demo fun at all, and gave me no reason to try the full game. So you can rip on me for not trying it, but the demo was lame.

GTA4 - Yeah its fun and all, but nowhere near a perfect 10. Its so full of glitches, and the shooting isn't that great in it. Cover system is lame. Online is so full of wicked lag.

Forza 2 - Not really that its not that great, just it fails in comparison to Gran Turismo 5...the real driving simulator.

Mass Effect - Oh please save me from this horrible game!! its awful!! it is not good at all. I can't even describe anything in particular that makes me not like it, its just theres nothing that i do like about it.

Rock Band/GH III - Boring. Music games are lame

I would probably rip on SMG and Zelda, but i haven't played em so it wouldn't be fair.

Oblivion -

I was very hyped about that game and in fact the first 5 hours were fun, but all too soon it lost all appeal to me..

the map was huge and it looked very good, but it looked the same everywhere and wasn't memorable at all .. so exploring the map did feel more like a burden to me, than an "adventure"

dungeons pretty much always were the same and the leveling monsters made me feel like I get punished for leveling my main skills

after being fed up with that I decided to complete the story and was dissappointed once again, for the story was shallow and short

RolStoppable said:
Gran Turismo (any) - the Codemasters racing franchises have been years ahead of GT since forever (car damage and challenging races).


 Wow, i guess your entitled to your opinion, it just happens that this is the wrong opinion.

Like yeah you have a point with car damage. But what about the fact theres about 1000 cars in gran turismo 4? More to be in GT5, and I've heard rumours of damage coming to GT5. There wasn't in the prologue, but in full version there should be.

Plus its got the best graphics of any game IMO, better than Uncharted even in some aspects.