I hope the wii doesnt pass the PS2

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This is OLD!!! >_>

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puertoecuanama said:
i understand u my friend, da PS2 was a great console. i dont want da Wii 2 beat it either, but it probably will. i personally think that the PS2 was da better console though.


you were right on your 3rd try.. the word is indeed spelt "the"

Endz said:
PS2's were re-brought a lot I think, One drop and mine messed up, Nintendo stuff usually don't break so easily (DS, Gamecube dropped so many times >.>)

i agree, i have friends who are on their 3-6th ps2 consoles.


The worst of them having 2 gamecubes cause he got pissed of at one when his memory card got screwed up and had to restart wind waker.


The one thing I will say is. Although I am on my second PS3. I really think the design of the PS3 is much better then that of the PS2, therefore I cannot see PS3 beating the PS2 unless it lasts 15years.


Wii i do not think will sell as much as PS2 mainly because they don't break as often. Unless Nintendo cheats and releases a batch of 50million faulty wiis.