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Never mind this is my final post anyway ... 

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slimeattack said:
Squilliam said:
I hope the Wii passes the PS2 just so the PS3 can look that much more impressive when it sails past the Wii. Its no fun if Sony has it easy for three generations in a row!

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No matter how I dislike it, I would expect the Xbox 360 to sell more than 25 million. If the PS3 turned the situation around, they could get first place, but I wouldn't expect it to sell 200 million.


Haha, yea. Leo J accuses me of relentless attacks on the PS3 so I decided to be a Sony fanboy for a while. Life as a fanboy isn't complete without random stupid and unjustifiable comments.



The ps3 will sell 1 billion consoles. You heard it first here!!!

Erik Aston said:
Zucas said:

Gaming systems sell because of price, library of games, and most importantly BRANDNAME.  What's hot and what everyone else is getting.  Word of mouth.  What'ever goes best for you.

More than likely, the majority of PS2 buyers weren't buying it because it had " a great library of games" but because it's what their friends had, what was mainstream, and what everyone was talking about.  People give way to much credit on why things sell because of gimmicks such as a random feature or a certain game.  The fact of the matter ladies and gentlemen, is that the main drive to sales of any product is it's brandname and the appeal of that brand.  When both sides that you described here Montana, your side and the Nintendo fanboys, come to understand this then you'll see why the Wii is selling well despite lack of games or why the PS2 sold so well despite all the features some of the other systems had. 

Great systems don't sell well.  Bad systems don't sell well.  Great brands sell well.  The other stuff just helps add on.


Explaining why Wii had such a poor launch and slow first year, and had to catch up to the rocketing PS3.

You (still) mistake momentum for "brand name." Gaming is a momentum based industry. Nintendo had to do something bold to launch quickly and gain momentum right out of the gate. They launched with Wii Sports, which attracted fringe gamers tired of the old type of systems, and at least until Wii Fit, were running on momentum since then. Sure, that momentum comes in the form of good WOM, but you can't equate WOM with branding. PS3 relied on brand name but only recently acheived anything resembling momentum.

Er.... Video games are consumer products. For such products, competing brands sell depending on their brand appeal and public image and there are no exceptions. The PS3 hurt their brand image with their early marketing tactics, ridiculous launch price and prelaunch announcements. Given a bad public image, the sales of a product will be stunted severely, and it will takes years to even restore your former image.


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FaRmLaNd said:
The ps3 will sell 1 billion consoles. You heard it first here!!!

PS3 will be so sucessful and expand the market so much that your estimate seems like a lowball Xbox fanboy comment.  PS3 will be bundled with Happy Meals by 09, wait and see.

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I was going to post but leo-j kind of ruined the thread honestly.


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i believe, like the ps2 did when it stole nintendo fans, that from the traqnsition into the new gwen of consoles ex-ps2 ownersw are not going out and buying a ps3 but a wii instead. if you like the wii has reclAIMED THE FANS IT LOST TO THE PS2

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sc94597 said:
Kasz216 said:
*~Onna76~* said:
To be honest I also hope the PS2 stays the best selling console and the WII won't reached it, as the PS2 ruled in every genre. WII doesn't and most likely never will.

And to say that the WII has expended the market, you're wrong, the PS2 already did with its Eye Toy games, Singstar, Guitar Hero and stuff long before the WII did.

By that logic that's like saying PS2 didn't expand the market because the NES did.

Also there were a few genres PS2 didn't rule in. Most noticeably platformers and simulation games. First Person Shooters could be argued too.

The last console to dominate all genres was the NES. (Master System had better SRPGs the SNES... in America anyway... Japan was up for grabs.)

Once again NES is greater then all using the suggested criteria.



Where does the ds fit in?


DS probably doesn't dominate racing games does it?  Or Sports games i'd imagine... or 3-D platformers.

Granted... gameboy dominated all genres if your counting handhelds though.