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ioi said:
The only test of whether you are a veteran or not is if you remember Monty and this thread: http://vgchartz.com/forum/thread.php?id=130

Some things just never change I guess


I can remember, but I was just a lurker...

By me:

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You are a veteran if you remember the site when it looked like this

I probably could of known more of that stuff but when I lurked I didnt care about the forums.

Ive been here about a yr including lurking


My Real Redneck friends

Im so happy I came in 2007.


tabsina said:
You are a veteran if you remember the site when it looked like this

Yes...and these charts.



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dtewi said:

A veteran of this site is someone who has been around for a LOOONG time. The day you joined has nothing to do with this since you could have been lurking for a while.

A true veteran:

  • Remembers when the site was called VGCharts
  • Remembers washimul, Blue3, and Kwaad
  • Can recall Gballzack being a regular
  • Remembers when cklmb became a mod
  • Remembers who cklmb even was
  • Knows that there were a massive number of threads when Wii passed the 360
  • Remembers when the "Say something about the person posting above you" thread began


If you are 0 of these, you're not a veteran. 1-3, you've been here a while. 4-6, you've been here very long. 7, you are a true veteran.

I'd say I am a true veteran.

1. Check.

2. Check.

3. Check.

4. Check.

5. Check.

6. This wasn't that long ago... only mid to late last year (I don't care enough to check). Ah well. Check.

7. Check.


I'd like to add one - if you remember the old URL to the site (spinoff of #1). I just checked, it's still in operation, too.


shams said:

Pretty sure I have been here since (almost) the very start.

I started following nextgenwars.com - then realised the numbers were "fake" - then found VGCharts, and all was good in the world :)

(anyway - I have some Saturday coding to do, see you all later...)



No "T".

And same here. I still occasionally check NexGenWars just to see what their numbers currently read. The admin there occasionally updates them to be closer to "real" numbers (in other words, they sometimes suddenly almost match our numbers here :p).


I havent been here that long, im not a veteran yet

Well I have 4 so I guess I've been here for a very long time...

I am mostly a lurker who usually doesn't even sign in, but I have been here daily since 06.

Oh how I miss the days of Gballzack and Kwaad! The forums have never been the same without them. I have never thought of Gballzack as a troll and have never understood her constant banning. She usually just spoke in harsh truths that frankly I think were thought of as trolling because some on here couldn't take being beaten by a woman. Kwaad, well it was just fun to see what lengths he would go to definding his company of choice.