MGS4 80GB PS3 already dead ? --flashing red light, just got this 6/12!!

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June 12th wasn't long ago, screw calling sony, sending it off, having it fixed etc. Just goto the store you bought it in, most stores have a garentee on electronics, whether it's money back or replacement. If need be ask for a replacement.

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Who knows why it failed. Maybe the *) GB sku underwent some kind of change hardwarewise, might have turned out for the worse, stuff like that. Definitely sounds like you just have to send it back to Sony and wait for a replacement. Sucks that it's a brand new PS3 too. I must say i was worried about my xbox elite when i got it for x-mas. RROD i remember was still pretty much a force to be reckoned with then. Thankfully my console aside from just being noisy runs very well, no problems.

@ leo-j and kingofwale

Stop acting like brats, you guys have no reason to disbelieve the man.

Huh. Who would've thought that beggining anew in my real life would coincide with starting anew on vgchartz?

Any day now, the dollar will be worth less than 2 zloty......any day now.....and my life savings will be in total jepordy ;(.

Go send it back that's the only solution I see. My 80GB PS3 is almost at it's 1st week and I'm enjoying right now.

go play the lottery (you have some chance potential to catch up!!)


boden12 said:

I'm rather new to the PS3, seeing as I've only had it for LESS THAN 2 WEEKS as I ordered a MGS4 80GB bundle from Amazon and received it June 12th. So I'm home for lunch (I live close to work) and fired up some MGS4 for a little bit of action during my break and after 10 minutes or so of play the video freezes, audio stops, an then the screen goes blank, the PS3 beeps and the green light switches over to the flashing red light!!

What the hell is this? This is a BRAND NEW PS3 that's 13 days old. It's completely open ventilation wise as it's in a Bello AVS-422T rack--see pic of stand below. It does sit on top of my now obsolete Toshiba HD-A1 player, but that player has not been used at all since having the PS3--it is plugged in, but never turned on.



Additionally, right now it's a cool 67 degrees in my house!!

Is this thing pooched or what? I unplugged it, flicked the back switch off and tried powering it back on and I've gotten only the flashing red light. The only 'bad' thing I did with my PS3 was I did play it for a while on Saturday when it was toasty in my house--about 88-90 degrees inside, I did have plenty of ventilation with a fan and the door open (it was hot here) and the PS3 never froze or acted funny (no graphics glitches like screen tears or skipped frames) so I assumed it could handle it. Worked fine Sunday and Monday and now all of a sudden it's broken?? Can anyone shed light on this issue for me as I wanna know if I'm gonna wind up having to send this one back or if it's just a one-time thing. So much for Sony superiority.


I feel your problem lies in the bolded text.

Being Toshiba, am i correct in assuming the power cable is on the left side of the unit when you look at it from the front?

i.e. the same side as the PS3's power supply AND HDD?

Someone posted a thermal pic of the PS3 in another thread and i can't find it now, and that is the warmest end of a PS3.

Remember that even when in standby mode wihtout being switched on current will still flow into your Toshiba HD-A1 possibly making it warm. That hot day i'm sure didn't help either!

I would advise you not to rest your PS3 on any electrical equipment whether on standby or not when you get it back from Sony

Good luck

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Bah, shit happens - you can't get too pissed off about it.

My first Wii's disc drive didn't work - right out of the box. That's why warrenties exist. Bite the bullet and send it back to Sony - they'll hook ya up.

The man has a problem and was just relating it here so see if anyone has the same problem, or if its a common occurrence he wasn't aware of. Get off his blasted back already.

I haven't heard about the blinking red lights. But it sounds like you just have a defective unit. Any type of electronics will have some models in which a part or the entire unit that just crashes in the first few weeks. Its pretty much unavoidable.

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boycop said:
If you are telling the truth, just go and exchange it. PS3 (and Wii) has a defective rate of 2-3%, so it might be one of those.

But on the other hand, the writing isn't totally without a certain trolling attitude...


I swear it's like you can't say one bad word without the fanboy club whooping down your butt.  Did you guys even see my previous posts before this one? Like the one about ordering the MGS4 bundle posted here 6/12 or then asking if purchasing Assassin's Creed as one of my next few games would be weird as it may be very similar in genre to MGS4.  Like I made this account 5 months ago and just waited.  Actually I've been on here longer than that as 'boden11' but couldn't login--every time I reset the password the system wouldn't take the password it e-mailed me.  I'm sure some mod could actually look and see that.  Jeezus christ.  Not only am I long a position in SNE, but it's even on margin to boot.

I purchased the MGS4 bundle for multiple reasons:

PS3, this was an 80GB one with BC, the resale market for these priced them higher than retail (see Amazon or ebay, they go for like $620ish) so it was a deal as it was, also with DualShock3 controller and with the highly anticipated MGS4.  I've even purchased the MGS collection at Sears (only place not sold out) for $29.99 although I got stuck on the walking through the lasers part early on--hard to see because of the top down perspective in MGS1.  I'm looking forward to picking up God of War 1 and 2 and some other PS2 games.  I also believe the PS3 will continue to outpace the 360, especially in the next few years when some of its more advanced tech can be utilized.

darthdevidem01 said:
n people calling it fake.....get a reality check

he has full right to be mad after paying $600.....but he needs to control it thats all

Probably the best post in this entire thread. Seriously, fact of the matter is 2-3% is still 2-3% failure, it DOES HAPPEN, no need to cry "fake" every time someone posts of a faulty PS3 (which is rare anyway on here).

I'd say take it to the store you purchased it from, worst thing that could happen is they tell you to take it to sony and you only wasted a few hours, best case scenario they exchange it on the spot.