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Guitar Hero: World Tour Wii is better than Rock Band Wii, GH has
-All wireless instruments (except usb microphone, and any usb mic should work)
-Character Creator
-Downloadable Songs (playable off internal memory and SD cards)
-Song Creator
-Customizable Guitars In-game
-Online Play
-Band World Tour Mode
-Guitar Hero 3/Aerosmith Guitar Support
And thats just what they have revealed so far

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No way you should get this crappy port. The instruments don't even are the "standard", so they're not compatible with ANY other game that could use it. Just wait a little more.

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RB = bull S+++ approach to making wii games. NO one should buy this crap, save your cash for GHWT, its doing revolutionary things for the wii.

pichu_pichu said:
Faxanadu said:
Get Elite Beat Agents....

unfortunately, iit is only for DS




So basically everyone here says wait for Guitar Hero World Tour. Unless you can afford both and can't wait.

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Snesboy said:
pichu_pichu said:
Faxanadu said:
Get Elite Beat Agents....

unfortunately, iit is only for DS





Yeah, don't waste you money on this gimped dirty PS2 port. Save up for Guitar Hero: World Tour. You'll thank us in the long run. Plus, with the extra money, you can buy an SD card (for DLC), or you can buy some new DLC (songs, ect.)

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I'll probably get it. I'm weak.

It's a crappy ps2 port. The 360 & ps3 versions are far superior. After playing ps3 version and hearing we are getting a ps2 port, there is no way i am going to get this. They are ripping us off hard.

I can't help but think that Activision has been releasing all this juicy GH info at exactly the right time. Just to say, "Hey, Wii owners! Look at all this stuff that we're giving you, but Harmonix isn't because they built your version around the PS2!"

Brilliant marketing scheme on Activision's part, frankly. Lower the hype for your competitor by releasing lots of info about how much superior your project is.

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