Locked: Which will have better graphics ressistance 2 or call of duty 2?

Forums - Sony Discussion - Which will have better graphics ressistance 2 or call of duty 2?


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I think you mean Call of Duty World at War , apparently Resistence 2 will


Having seen recent R2 videos, I'm gonna go with CoD2.........

R2 might just clip it in gameplay though.

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no i ment cod2

resistance 2 will have better graphics because CoD5 (not 2?) will have to make sure they aren't to good for the xbox 360... so resistance will be 1080p (or w/e 1000 soemthing) while CoD will be 720p

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toastboy44562 said:
no i ment cod2


 What kind of question is that? seriously??


Troll thread. Obviously R2 will have better graphics than Call of Duty 2--R1 did.

Could I trouble you for some maple syrup to go with the plate of roffles you just served up?

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I don't know why you keep on making irrelevant & stupid threads then just put "tehehehe" in your main post...

that doesn't change that you have a cool Panda avatar though

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Wait...let me guess..*thinking* oh COD2,right.Alright i want my 2 seconds back.Worst joke ever.=p

Uh, yeah.

Flame thread much?

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