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The first thing I played on was the PCJr back in the DOS days but I don't quite remember the first game. It was either a) Jumpman, b) Shamus, or c) King's Quest.

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The first game I remember playing was a parachute game on my cousin's Atari, where you had to land a guy falling from the sky (or something like that).

Then came Exolon and The Barbarian on my very own Amstrad CPC 6128 (!!) and the rest is (videogame) history.....

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Atari 2600...Tanks I believe was the name of the game. The tank battle game. One reason I really like Wii Play.

Street Fighter II, Super Nintendo, December 1991, I think

superchunk said:
Atari 2600...Tanks I believe was the name of the game. The tank battle game. One reason I really like Wii Play.

The game you are thinking about is Combat.

The first game I've ever played was Pac-Man in the arcade. I was in the arcade a lot. But my first system was an Atari 2600, with guess what, Pac-Man and Combat.

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Either Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt for the NES, or some old games on a really, really old computer. I remember having at least Leisure Suit Larry 1, Police Quest 1, Falcon and some golf game when I was ten years old at most. Guess it's due to playing those text-heavy types of games as a kid that I'm so good at this foreign language nowadays. =P

Mario for NES

Here's an oldie for you.

My first game that I played at home was:

Starship Command for the Acorn Electron in 1983 

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Atari 2600.

Combat - Tank battle game (had planes too).
Pac-Man - Awful version of the arcade game.
Asteroids - Not so awful version of the arcade game.  My uncles would play this for hours, breaking the scoreboard repeatedly.
Space Invaders - Didn't actually play this one much.
Oink! - Played this one a lot with my dad, building my brick house which he would huff, puff, and attempt to blow down.
Enduro - Pretty cool racing game with day/night/snow/fog effects.
Starmaster - Space combat simulator.  One of the coolest games ever for the 2600, this even used the difficulty switch as a game control to bring up the galaxy map
Warlords - Possibly the first 4-player simultaneous home video game?  4-way Pong with paddle controls and each player defending their own base.  Hours of fun with 4 people.

And yes... I had E.T. as well.

The very first video game I ever played was this LED handheld... it had some military-esque name... Battle something maybe? You played this jet that had to fly over and bomb submarines (which could shoot back up at you, apparently), and on the second level they added battleships (which make more sense, shooting-back-at-you-wise), and the third level had helicopters (which you hit with a missile instead of a bomb). The opening level sound effects and the death music were a family joke for a couple years.

Then, of course, friends with NESs or SNESs... my brother (11 years older than me) took me to his friends' houses, and I'm pretty sure one of them had a Turbografx... I actually remember the episode of Barney and Friends some other friend of his had on VHS better. What can I say? I was 6 years old.

Then on my 7th birthday, I got the best gift a kid could ask for:

Except mine came with Link to the Past packed-in.

My first night with it, I spent literally 10 minutes reading and re-reading the opening cutscene, practically memorizing the history of Hyrule and the Golden Power, because the controller wouldn't work. But I wouldn't put it into the P1 port, because I wanted to be Luigi. Eventually, my father got me to play Mario, and I was asked for a name, and then the Great Warrior of Hyrule, OM 107 was born.